Sushi Sushi – Calgary, Alberta

We decided to meet up with some of our friends and they wanted to try Sushi Sushi in Ashton Square in the Northwest Calgary. It’s not a hard place to find as it’s just off Harvest Hills Blvd.

We started with Beef Tataki which was raw beef with a fancy ponzu sauce. It was pretty good here although sliced a little more thick than usual, and not as chilled, but it was decent!

Our first sushi plate came out which was Teriyaki Niku which was a giant roll with teriyaki beef, cream cheese and cucumbers.

Then, our plate of assorted sushi and sashimi came out which was really nicely displayed on their plate. We had salmon sashimi, smoked salmon sashimi, and surf clam sashimi. On the same plate was our California rolls and some spicy tuna rolls which they gave to us.

Finally, our last dish which had my favourite which was Inari (fried bean curd) sushi and the smoked salmon with cream cheese sushi. I did find there was a little too much cream cheese in the Smoked Sake with cheese roll (which is what they called it), it masked the smoked salmon taste which is a taste I love.

Overall experience was decent. It wasn’t the best sushi nor was it bad. The prices were average as was service. The hours, they are opened 7 days a week for lunch and dinner, although they are closed from 2pm to 4:30pm. It’s definitely quick and convenient!

Sushi Sushi on Urbanspoon

Sushi Sushi

40 Country Hills Landing NW
Calgary, AB
(403) 457-3738

Vendome Cafe – Calgary, Alberta

I got to go out and eat breakfast one morning at a local restaurant in Kensington at Vendome Cafe and I loved it. The service is exceptional here and the food is divine, made with real and fresh ingredients.

I started my breakfast with a cup of Hot Chocolate that tasted absolutely amazing!

I ordered a half order of Mushroom Eggs Benedict and the mushrooms were amazing! This has got to be one of my favourite eggs bennys as it tasted like what it’s suppose to! The picture really doesn’t do its justice but it tasted amazing!

With the eggs benedict, I had their soup du jour which was a Barley Soup and it was very savoury and flavourful! It was a very hearty soup and it was warming for a chilly morning!

My overall experience here was super! The atmosphere, the food, the service and the community really puts this place on the map! What a great find!

Vendome Cafe on Urbanspoon

Vendome Cafe

940 2nd Ave. NW
Calgary, AB
(403) 453-1140

Club House Family Restaurant & Lounge – Calgary, AB

We met up with a friend for Korean food one evening and we ended up at Club House Family Restaurant which was attached to their lounge. The space was big and there was plenty of parking. The interior of the restaurant was spacious and clean. The workers are actually Korean, so I applaud them for making the food they’re best at!

Right after we ordered, we got our kimchi selection which was unlimited. The servers do come by and ask if you want more, so that’s very nice!

We started with some soup and so we ordered Kal Bi Tang made with a beef broth with beef rib broth and noodles. The soup was so flavourful and the beef rib was tender.

Then, we ordered some Korean BBQ, and choose to have their Bul Go Ki which was marinated beef with gogung special sauce and they bbq’ed it! It was absolutely delicious, tons of flavour and it was tender and perfect with rice.

Lastly, we ordered a dish that I loved the most in the evening. I ordered the Jap Chae which was clear noodle mixed with beef and vegetables. I love noodles and I especially love clear noodles or glass noodles. The taste was just amazing and I could order a order any time and eat it up.

Overall, we really enjoyed our experience here. It wasn’t very busy that night but it was quite late when we got there. The food was tasted absolutely amazing. The prices were a little high, and service was minimal, but the food tasted amazing, and that’s all I’m worried about!

Club House Family Restaurant & Lounge on Urbanspoon

Club House Family Restaurant & Lounge

5012 16 Ave NW
Calgary, AB
(403) 288-5656

Vietnamese Beef Stew Noodle House – Calgary, AB

Vietnamese noodle soups and Vietnamese submarines are things I like to eat when I want to eat out, and eat “lighter”. We found ourselves at Vietnamese Beef Stew Noodle House and found very limited parking, but the place was full of customers!

We sat down and wanted to order some appetizers so we had an order of Crispy Chicken Wings, which was really nicely fried. The order was quite small for it’s price, but the size and quality was really good.

I ordered a Satay Chicken Vietnamese Submarine which was quite delicious. The Vietnamese bun was excellent and the filling inside the sub was ample and delicious and very flavourful.

With the name of the restaurant called Vietnamese Beef Stew, it wouldn’t make sense if we didn’t try their Beef Stew Noodle Soup and we’re glad we did. All the customers that came in, either for takeout or dine in all ordered some sort of noodle soup.

Overall, the food here was delicious. The price was a little high, but still in the reasonable range. The food was good and so we loved it. The noodle house was small and simple but it’s all you need!

Vietnamese Beef Stew Noodle House on Urbanspoon

Vietnamese Beef Stew Noodle House

Norbrent Shopping Centre – 3616 52 Ave NW
Calgary, AB
(403) 220-0681

Saigon Pearl – Calgary, Alberta

I’ve been going to the Asian supermarket near here a lot lately and this one day I wasn’t feeling the best and just wanted something light and refreshing — I wanted rice vermicelli! So, we stopped in at Saigon Pearl and we’ve been here in the past but we were glad it’s still the same people, same quality of Vietnamese food.

I ordered their Grilled beef and Spring Roll Rice Vermicelli which is something I like to order once in awhile, especially during the summer! The bowl was large, and it didn’t have too much lettuce in the bottom. The beef was delicious and of course their spring rolls were delightful!

My husband did enjoy one of his go to orders at a Vietnamese restaurant Beef Stew Noodle Soup and it was absolutely wonderful here! Tons of tender beef chunks in a delicious broth with rice noodles. It’s a great warming soup – which was the opposite of my dish!

We use to go here a lot more and I think we might be coming back more often as well! The food, service and price was decent and that’s what we love. It is a family restaurant and a place that seems to have tons of kids here. So, it’s not a quiet restaurant – and that makes sense!

Saigon Pearl on Urbanspoon

Saigon Pearl

9650 Harvest Hills Blvd N
Calgary, AB
(403) 532-3999