Pete’s At The Beach – Sylvan Lake, AB

I’ve been to Sylvan Lake once before, and had a great dinner. This time, we came by for breakfast – and we decided to try Pete’s at the Beach which is located right on Lakeshore Drive, across from the beach. There’s parking here and it’s at an ideal location, great for all types of travelers.

The interior was decorated with a large collection of old favourites and antiques to really neat artifacts. It was fun inside and you know each piece of item has some history for the owners.

We ordered our breakfasts, and we had their Denver Sandwich – opened and it was really nicely done! It was a delicious omelette with ham, peppers, onion on top of toast with some hash browns. It sounds simple, but simple is best in this case!

We also ordered their Eggs and Toast with sausages on the side. It turned out to be a pretty big and decent breakfast! The toast and bread used in both meals was the best! It was light and fluffy, even after it being toasted, and it just tasted really great!

This was a great place to stop at! It was great to see the locals come in and they talk to the workers in the restaurant like family! It was a great environment and the food was excellent! I would recommend coming here to grab some food! We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.

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Pete’s At The Beach

4711 Lakeshore Drive
Sylvan Lake, AB
(403) 887-4747

Cora’s 130th Avenue SE – Calgary, Alberta

One of my favorite sit down breakfast places would be Cora’s, and we got to go to the one in the South on 130th Avenue in Calgary on March 19th, 2011.  Food was great, prices was great — with large portions!!

I ordered their Raspberry 4 Lucie and I think it’s very fitting. I used to get called Lucy a lot too… well, oddly I still do. Not sure why! Anyway, this breakfast was a thin crepe filled with raspberries and custard with cream cheese! It was amazing and not too sweet at all!

The other breakfast that we ordered was their Western-Cheddar crêpomelette which was a savoury crepe with ham, onions, red and green peppers, tomatoes, green onions and Cheddar cheese, covered in hollandaise sauce, served with potatoes and toast! Told you this was a big breakfast!

Overall, it was a fantastic time here. Always expect a long wait unless you’re very early!

Cora’s 130th Avenue

4600 130th Avenue S.E.,
Calgary, Alberta,
(403) 265-7545