Christie’s Birthday Cake Oreo

I was browsing at the grocery store when I felt like getting some Oreo cookies to have with my milk. Once I got to the Oreo section, I realized there as a Limited Edition of Oreo for their 100th birthday! It’s their Birthday Cake Oreo which looks delicious!

Once I opened the package, it smelled soo sweet, and it was sweet! There’s a reason why we eat these cookies with milk! The sweet scent is basically the vanilla smell from the birthday cake filling which has some pretty graffiti colours icing. This pretty treat was delicious, but it was a cookie that was easy for me to limit the amount I’m eating – from the sweet level.

Birthdays come once a year and it’s a fun time to celebrate! So, I was really happy to be able to celebrate with the Oreo cookie! I really like these sweet, delicious, fun treats!

Christie – Oreo Sipper

I went to grab a box of cookies, that’s is different, and I came home with Christies brand cookies! It was Oreo Sippers which is suppose to be a delicious straw, which becomes perfect for dunking into milk. These Oreo Sippers are wafer cookies, which is light and not too sweet!

I made the mistake of having a giant glass of milk in a tall glass. My oreo sipper was really short, and it was funny! I actually took so long taking a picture that the entire “sipper” became all soggy!

These wafer cookies come in twin wrapped package, and I actually prefer having these “with” milk, instead of using them like a straw – due to the fact it does get soggy so quickly! It’s even really good, even enjoyed alone! So, I would get these treats again!