Caffe Artigiano – Calgary, Alberta

We were downtown running a few errands this one afternoon, and walked into Caffe Artigiano for a quick bite and some coffee! The cafe was beautiful on the outside and welcoming, so we walked in!

We had ordered a Latte which was not only made to perfection, but they topped it off with foam art. It was really rich, but luckily it wasn’t my cup!

I got to enjoy a cup of Chai Tea Latte which was really good here. It ranks on the top for one of my favourites, although not at the top, it’s still really high up there!

Then, we decided to grab a quick lunch as well, so we ordered their Cranberry Smoked Turkey Panini, or something like that… anyway, they heated up the panini and brought it to our table. It looked and smelled absolutely amazing, and I’m soo glad we ordered this! It had the perfect balance between sweet and savoury!

Our overall experience here was just top notch! The environment was great, service was really awesome, and the location is quite optimal! Best of all, their stuff tasted great! I’m sure when I’m in the area again, I’ll try to stop in for another delicious treat!

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Caffe Artigiano
100-332 6 Ave SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 699-9855

Cravings Market – Calgary, Alberta

Cravings Market is truly a unique experience. It’s almost like an upscale fast food cafeteria, or food court. I’ve been here a few times for lunch, and it is really packed all the time. It’s got a huge variety of food stations where you pick what you’d like to eat, and they’d charge you by swiping it onto a card that you’re holding. When you’re done with your meal, you pay the balance on your card either individually or by table – as the table you sit at, you would all get the same table card, and then they are numbered for an individual card basis. It is a great idea, and avoid problems when customers from local business would like to “split the bill”.

For breakfast, I ordered an Open Sea Panini which was a panini sandwich with smoked salmon, cream cheese, tomatoes, red onions and capers. The sandwich was extremely tasty, but I think the chef forgot that capers were salty. So, overall, the panini was too salty. I didn’t return it back to the kitchen as it was bearable, but would have been a better experience if that wasn’t the case. You really got the smoke salmon taste, and that really made it the reason why I still loved it.

I also ordered a Pina Colada Smoothie which was great! It was packed with pineapple and coconut flavours that you can taste right off the back. The best thing, it wasn’t alcoholic, so I drank the entire glass right away! The portion of the smoothie was quite generous as well, as they filled a milkshake glass to the top!

We also ordered a breakfast in a bowl, and we tried the All Canadian breakfast in a bowl which was a bowl full of pan-fried potatoes, scrambled eggs, cheese, tomatoes, bacon, green onions and Hollandaise sauce on top. It also came with really good buttered bread on the side.

For a drink, we ordered a large Hot Chocolate which wasn’t anything special of course, but still good!

Cravings Market
7207 Fairmount Dr SE
Calgary, AB
(403) 252-2083

Communitea Cafe – Canmore, Alberta

Now that I’ve been to Canmore a few times, I always go by Communitea and never go in. This time, we made the extra effort to go in and it was perfect!

The space was spacious, clean, and comfortable! I really enjoyed my time there, and I’m sure all their customers did too!! It’s the weirdest thing I’m about to say, but they made me the best chai tea latte I’ve ever had so far!! It was perfectly spiced, the texture was smooth, and I can go on and on! It was just really nice!

We also had a cup of London Fog and again, it was really smooth and delicious. It seemed to have hints of vanilla and ginger which was a really refreshing twist!

As this was an in-between meal stop, we only ordered 1 panini to share – The Westcoaster, which was the perfect amount as their panini’s are quite large! It was nicely toasted, filled with eggs, smoked salmon, dill cream cheese and spinach. The dill cream cheese was a little over powering, or there wasn’t enough smoked salmon. It was a great tasting panini, but I would either put less of the dill or more smoked salmon – then it would become top notch!

I am sure I will be back next time I’m in town! Just a great little place to sit down and enjoy some relaxing time pass by! I think I’ll try their steeped tea leaves as they have a huge selection and I do enjoy my tea leaves!

Communitea Cafe

117, 1001 6th Avenue
Canmore, AB
(403) 678-6818