Papa George’s Restaurant and Wine Bar – Jasper, AB

It’s actually funny how we made it here – I was actually both hungry and needed to use a bathroom, so we basically went to which ever restaurant that was opened, and I didn’t need to wait for a table. So, we walked inside of Papa Georges Restaurant and was greeted and seated immediately.

We really didn’t know what we wanted as it was the weird in-between hour of lunch and dinner, so we first started with their daily soup Cream of Mushroom Soup and it was creamy and delicious, although not very pretty.

As we searched the menu, I figured I wanted more a lunch item, so I picked their Blackened Salmon Sandwich, a filet of wild sockeye salmon rubbed with blackened spices, topped with vegetables and tarter sauce on ciabattia bun.

My husband choose to have more a dinner item and he opted for their Bison Meat Loaf which was an all bison meat loaf with some vegetables on the side. We were worried it would be dry, but it was still moist and the gravy on top was really good.

Our overall dining experience here was memorable. We really enjoy Jasper and the food choices they offer. The prices was at par with restaurants around.

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Papa George’s Restaurant and Wine Bar

404 Connaught Dr
Jasper, AB
(780) 852-2260