Dairy Queen

The Dairy Queen at this location just opened not too long ago – maybe just a few month at this point now. I’ve been looking for the perfect time to go, and I finally did!

The store is really small actually, but it works as most people take their ice cream to go! This franchise location doesn’t do the grill – which was something I was hoping for, but they do have Orange Julius.

We were only here briefly as we just wanted a cold treat. I ordered my favourite, which is a pineapple sundae and the pineapples are always really sweet, even though I personally think the sauce (syrup) is a little to runny, it’s still a delicious treat on the soft serve ice cream!

We also ordered a Peanut Buster Parfait which was really large actually! It had lots of peanuts, and they use the lovely warm chocolate fudge. It’s a perfect snack to satisfy any craving! You can have a bit with as little or as much peanuts as you like, and the peanuts are the full sized nuts which is extra special (instead of using chopped peanuts).

I’m really happy that there is a Dairy Queen here in this area now! I was really hoping for one when we first moved here! Now, I’m satisfied!

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Dairy Queen

150, 35 McKenzie Towne Ave. SE
Calgary, AB
(403) 457-4407