Bill’s Peking House – Calgary, Alberta

I didn’t realize I was so far behind in posting these blogs up. I was talking to Cody the other afternoon about Bill’s Peking House and I was trying to tell him I’ve been here. I looked up my blog and realized I didn’t post it… so, here it is, almost a year late as I went here for my birthday. The location isn’t hard to find as it’s located right on Canyon Meadows Drive and it is a second floor restaurant. The restaurant is actually very clean for a Chinese place, and we were impressed with the quality of Chinese food in a South restaurant.

This birthday dinner was just my husband and I, and we ordered their Peking Duck – 3 Courses and it was actually quite delicious! It’s one of the reasons why I thought it was weird I didn’t blog this yet. Anyway, the first course is always the skin of the duck with the traditional pancakes and condiments. The duck wasn’t all skin and fat, and it was crispy and delicious!

Our second course was a soup, and they use the duck bones and some of the meat for the broth. The soup is loaded with tofu, duck and some spinach. The soup was flavourful and pretty light.

Now, for the last course, it’s my favourite one! We chose it to be a broad noodle dish, so they use the Chinese broad noodles with the duck meat, napa cabbage and other traditional Chinese ingredients for fried broad noodles. It was really good, a tad on the greasy side – but what is Chinese food without grease!? So, it was perfect!

Overall, this was a memorable meal, as I remembered about it almost 9 months later! This is a place where we would to back to, even though their target audience is mostly for the Caucasian guests. The owners were so happy to talk to us in Chinese, so we knew it’s a treat for them that we were there! We’d be happy to go back anytime!

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Bill’s Peking House

380 Canyon Meadows Dr SE
Calgary, AB
(403) 278-3338