Villa Caruso Restaurant – Jasper, Alberta

I needed a nice dinner as I was dragged to an unexpected frozen canyon walk and thought I deserved a nice dinner! No, I have no logic in my mind – but any excuse to have a fancier dinner, I’ll make up some sort of excuse! We found ourselves waiting in line at Villa Caruso Restaurant but with the amount of people in line, I had high hopes.

By the time we got in, the service was quite slow but we weren’t on any time schedule at all so we had all night. We had a window seat where we watched trains go by, cars get stuck in snow, etc… so, it wasn’t a problem!

I knew I wanted seafood and I knew it was good as I was told it was good! So, I ordered their Tuna Steak which was a large piece of tuna, Cajun spiced and delious.

My hubby was super hungry and so he ordered himself a 10oz Prime Rib steak which was fork tender, full of flavour and a great cut of meat! It wasn’t fatty or dry.

Overall, we spent a long time here, but the food was worth the wait. They left us alone most the time, but we didn’t need anything either! It was a great experience overall!

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Villa Caruso Restaurant

640 Connaught Drive
Jasper, AB

La Ronde Revolving Restaurant‎ – Edmonton, Alberta

We were going through Edmonton numerous times this summer, and we ended up staying at Chateau Lacombe Hotel in downtown Edmonton. It was getting late and we were hungry, so we went upstairs to their revolving restaurant for dinner at La Ronde Revolving Restaurant. It was a really nice place and we got seated immediately even though we didn’t have reservations for the evening. We couldn’t get a table by the window, but it didn’t matter!

Once we were seated and ordered, a bread basket came out! The bread was quite nice, light and fluffy on the inside with a nice crust! We had quite a few slices – for both reasons of being hungry and it being really delicious!

We don’t always get starters, but this particular day we decided to go for some Escargots and they had tons of pieces of snail. Some were quite large in size as well! The escargots were sauteed with mushrooms in a cognac cream sauce, and it tasted as good as it looks!

My entree that I ordered for myself was their Char Grilled Yellowfin Tuna and it was cooked to awesomeness! It was tender and juicy and the portion was really generous! I really enjoyed my meal!

My husband also had an excellent meal! He ordered their Prime Rib and it was really tender and soft, tons of flavour! It was one of the better prime ribs we’ve had! He liked it as it wasn’t full of the “sides” with his meal, just a nice piece of dead meat!

With dinner working out so well, we knew we had to try their desserts! We were stuffed but we ordered their feature dessert which was Cheesecake with Strawberries and it was divine! I loved it and must’ve eaten 80% of the cheesecake!

Overall, this place was phenomenal! We loved it from beginning to end. The service was top notch, the food was definitely delicious and memorable, the atmosphere was great! We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly! This restaurant is basically only opened for dinner, but they do have lunch on Saturdays only.

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La Ronde Revolving Restaurant‎

10111 Bellamy Hill
Edmonton, AB
(780) 428-6611

The Cattle Baron (South) – Calgary, Alberta

I found myself looking for something fancy for dinner one evening. It was kind of cold and I was definitely under the weather. My husband decided we’d go and have steak — I know, kind of weird, but it was nice! Well, actually, he just wanted to try the south leg of the Ring Road and figured we’d eat wherever we ended up. So, we ended up at Cattle Baron at the South location.

I sat down, and ordered my drink. Extra spicy it was, but it was good! I’m just being very picky now as there wasn’t too many flaws throughout dinner… but I gotta say, when the ice melted, the bottom of the drink wasn’t as good! 🙂

Once our drinks came, a generous bread basket arrived too! Who wants to eat bread when they know they’re going to be tearing meat? Oh well, I had some bread and it was really good too! They win!

Now for the fun part, I ordered their Prime Rib which I got mine in their regular cut, but it was perfect! It was so tender and juicy – and quite a large portion of meat too! I got mine with stuffed potato as I haven’t had it in YEARS!

My husband enjoyed a nice Rib Eye Steak which I was kind of jealous of! It was so good and the grill taste was there, and was 10oz! I wouldn’t be able to finish it, but it was excellent for sure!!

Overall, we had a very pleasant experience and there were some company Christmas parties going on at the time of our visit. We didn’t have the wait long and the food didn’t taste like it was rushed… nor were we rushed either! It was a great dinner we had and I hope to be back soon!

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The Cattle Baron

33 Sun Valley Blvd SE
Calgary, AB
(403) 201-9000

Quiznos Subs – Prime Rib on Toasted Garlic Bread

Quiznos is a wonderful place to get a customization sub, and they are always friendly and willing to help! I went in this time with my eye set on the special: Prime Rib on Garlic Bread as as always, when I’m trying some new, I like to take the smallest size available — just in case!

I got my order in a combo with Chicken Noodle Soup which I was really happy about, since I really felt like having soup. To my disappointment, the soup was overly salty, and I didn’t feel like saying anything, so I just took a few spoonfuls and threw it out.

The overall of the sub looked really squished when it arrived to me. But, as I was eating through it, it got yummier as all the vegetables, cheese and prime rib was being exposed.

As mentioned, Quiznos can customize your sub, with the choice of what you want on your sub from sandwiches, sammies, pizza to start with. Then, there are more options of the main ingredients in your sub, and of course the option of the type of bread you’d like. I’ve played mix and match a few times, and really, any selection is a great and tasty selection! I left really satisfied, and I could be back soon!

Quiznos Subs

4705 130 Ave SE
Calgary, AB
(403) 257-4712