Primrose Restaurant – Rimrock Resort Banff

It was our anniversary and we knew we wanted to celebrate by going to Banff – so we did and had dinner inside the Rimrock Resort at one of their dining rooms called Primrose Restaurant. The service was excellent here, and the servers attention to detail was spectacular!

Once we sat down and ordered our drinks, a bread basket came out with some neat butters and dips! I actually forgot what they were, but I believe it was something like a mint butter, balsamic vinegar and olive oil and the last was like a blueberry butter. Regardless of what the butters were, they were very tasty!

We only ordered one starter as I prefer a dessert instead of an appetizer – my husband is the opposite! So, he ordered a bowl of Local Beef Barley Soup which was really a nice soup, tons of flavour and just enough barley to be nice!

For my entree, I chose their Lobster Pappardelle which was as pasta with tons of seafood consisting of lobster, salmon and crab with a Creamy Mascarpone Reduction with Egg Noodles. This dish was actually the winner of the 2012 Food and Wine Festival, which was one of the reason why I had to try it! And, it was a winner in my books as well as everything was perfectly cooked and delicious! Generous portions of both the egg noodles and the seafood!

My husband ordered their Cowboy Pan which was a delicious mixture of Beef & Lamb, Marinated with Smoky Herbs & Spices, with some vegetables. The meat was topped with an onion garlic yoghurt, which was really a great balance with the meat! All the meat was tender and juicy and cooked to perfection! It was a great pan!

My dessert was their Milk Chocolate Creme Brulee which is a chocolate creme brulee (obviously) with toasted coconut meringue and sour cherry compote. It was great as the sour cherry compote really helps to cut the richness of the chocolate brulee!

Overall, we had a wonderful time! Parking can be tricky as there wasn’t too many… they have guest parking but if you’re a guest, you need to park on the street and walk on over! The prices were within reason, ranging from $20 o $25 per entree, but they were large and tasty!

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Primrose Restaurant

198 Mountain Ave
Banff, AB
(403) 762-1865