Prince Seafood Restaurant – Calgary, Alberta

Prince Seafood Restaurant is a pretty decent dim sum restaurant. I would say the dim sum tastes alright, but for it’s price, it’s not cheap either! Sure, it’s not as expensive as some other places, but it’s pretty high for it’s taste and quality!

Price does have some very unique dim sum that I really enjoyed! They have this crispy crepe dish that is really good fresh! I would probably be back for that!

We went just before Chinese New Years, and they had turnip cakes for sale — so, of course I ordered a plate during my dim sum experience first… and I was actually disappointed with it! It tasted burnt, and if you look at the picture… it doesn’t look burnt. So, I never actually got to buy any lo bak gao to take home.

Another really disappointment dish I had was the lau sha bao — which when made, creamy egg yolk would ooze out when you eat it. This one.. it was oozing oil, and a lot of it. It made it really distinguishing to eat.

My overall experience would be decent. I’ll stick to the regular dim sum and be a little bit adventurous at times. But, chances are I won’t be back. For the distance to get here, I would go elsewhere with better quality dim sum. I don’t mind the price tag if it’s actually worth it.

Prince Seafood Restaurant

2825 32 Ave NW
Calgary, AB
(403) 250-8880