Rose & Crown Restaurant & Pub – Banff, Alberta

Every so and so, I enjoy entering a random pub just for a snack. This particular day, we went to Rose & Crown in Banff as we walk by here all the time. We finally got to go in and try this little place!

As this is just a snack, it was pretty much just drink and appys. I decided to go for their Philly Spring Rolls which is just as it sounds! Amazing shaved steak with peppers, onions and cheese and it’s deep fried in a spring roll wrap instead of in a bun. This was absolutely delicious and it was a perfect portion size!

My hubby obviously has a different definition of a snack, as he ordered himself a Steak Pot Pie but it’s still not a meal. It doesn’t actually matter though, as we can always eat at a later hour! The pot pie had tons of steak pieces and it was a wonderful pastry that topped the hearty filling.

This place is wonderful! The food was delicious and creative, the prices was decent and to top it off, it’s in my favourite city in Alberta!

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202 Banff Avenue
Banff, Alberta

Strathmore Station Restaurant & Pub – Stratmore, Alberta

We still love going out to enjoy some pub food and snacks once in awhile to relax on any given afternoon. We heard great things about Stratmore Station in Stratmore and decided to give it a shot.

The decoration inside was really neat – just like out of a scene in history of a train station. Tons of old pictures lines the walls and both their dining room and the pub was huge and bright!

We didn’t order much, just had an order of their Tex Mex Platter which was huge! The 2 of us didn’t even finish it as the platter was complete with their classic nachos with cheese, onions, tomatoes and olives – seasoned with Mexican spices. Then, on top of that had some Baha Quesa Spikes and Chicken wings. The Baha Spikes was basically fried burritos stuffed with goodness!

Overall, it was a fun time here. They had lots of TV’s, friendly staff and delicious food. We had an amazing time and can see us coming back – maybe for regular sized snacks or an actual meal though! The portions are very generous!

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Strathmore Station Restaurant & Pub

380 Ridge Rd
Strathmore, AB
(403) 934-0000

The Royal Duke Eatery & Pub – Okotoks, Alberta

We recently went to Okotoks for their annual Light Up Okotoks in their old town. It was fun and it was a chilly evening, so after the tree got lit, we went into The Royal Duke Eatery & Pub to fill my belly and to warm up! It was a large space and the place was packed, which was great!

Of course, I sat down and went to my go to drink right now…. spicy tomato juice called Virgin Caesars! Yes, Brad, I still like it! 🙂 This one was a little disappointing though, I think there was too much ice or something, it seemed a tad diluted.

We started our dinner with their Button Ribs which is dry garlic ribs for $12! I didn’t eat some ribs before taking the picture… which makes me think it wasn’t a great deal at all! They were good ribs though!

I ordered the Philly Steak Sandwich which is a typical sandwich. I don’t venture much when I’m in a pub, I try to stick to more pub food, but I needed dinner so I got this! It was pretty good and for the side, it was clam chowder! This was a good size plate for $14! It was pretty standard! I enjoyed my sandwich, but I ended up eating all the meat and left the bread at the end.

My husband ordered the NY Steak Sandwich and it was actually really good! He had the side order of fries and gravy. It was pretty good! I think I enjoyed his entree more than mine, but I wasn’t a fan of the gravy for some strange reason! Who doesn’t like brown sauce?! I don’t know what my problem was, but it was still good!

Overall, it was a decent pub place. Pubs aren’t fancy food, so it fit the bill. Service was excellent, even though they were so busy. At the end of the night, we did enjoy ourselves but we did have a bit of negative thought in our minds from the dry ribs. I guess just opt out for it!

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The Royal Duke Eatery & Pub

2 Elizabeth St
Okotoks, AB
(403) 938-4101

Vintage Pub & Grill – Drumheller, Alberta

We found ourselves visiting Atlas Coal Mine this one weekend out near Drumheller, AB and afterwards needed to find some food. We ventured to Drumheller downtown and found a corner lot pub & grill called Vintage Pub & Grill and figured it would be a great place for us to eat before heading back home!

We seated ourselves by the window and it was a large place with pool tables and all! The service was excellent and very attentive, even when it got busier towards the end of our stay!

I really didn’t know what to order, so I ordered myself a Pulled Pork Sandwich with fries and gravy. Everything was super delicious, even though it’s not the best fries ever, there was something special in the gravy that made me eat it all up anyway! It’s like there’s 5-spice in the gravy or something, but the extra oomph was awesome!

My other half ordered the Chicken Parmesan which was actually better than ever expected! The chicken parm was cooked perfectly, still juicy and tender on the inside and crispy on the outside. The sauce was not runny or watery and it was just an amazing meal!

Overall, this was an amazing meal, and it wasn’t because we were hungry that made this place great — it was actually great! We were thinking about bringing our friends out here when we return to Drumheller next year!

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Vintage Pub & Grill

30 Railway Ave W
Drumheller, AB
(403) 823-5123