Thai Wok’s N’go Restaurant – Glendon, Alberta

We went to visit Andrew Alberta for the first annual Babas and Borshch and we knew that there’s the largest perogy statue not too far away in Glendon, Alberta. We got to the giant perogy and across the street was a little cafe. It must have just changed hands or something as the outside says “Pyrogy Park, but everything inside says Thai Wok’s N’Go Restaurant! It’s kind of got an Asian and Ukranian fusion with traditional dishes from each.

Because we were here for perogies, we had to order them! We started off with their Chinese Perogies which is kind of like the Chinese Egg Rolls with cabbage inside, then deep fried to perfection. Just like the Chinese egg rolls, there’s plum sauce to dip.

Then, we thought it would be fun to order their Mini Pyrogy dish which had mini perogies pan fried with onions and topped with bacon bits! It was as good as it sounds!

Then, we ordered their Pyrogy Dinner which offered their standard sized perogies with a cabbage roll, a Ukrainian Sauasge and coleslaw.

The food here was surprisingly delicious and I love perogies – and their perogies didn’t fail me at all! I love this remote location and hope to be back one day – perhaps next year if I’m up for the 2nd Annual Babas and Borshch!

Thai Wok’s N’Go Restaurant

33 Pyrogy Dr N
Glendon, AB
(780) 635-3040