Prime Social Kitchen – Fort McMurray, Alberta

We went for breakfast in our hotel at the Radisson Fort McMurray at Prime Social Kitchen and the breakfast here was really delicious. The service was quick and friendly as well.

I ordered the Waffles and Berries which was just what I wanted. Delicious sweet waffles that were perfectly prepared with fresh berries for me to place on top. The breakfast was satisfying and it made me really happy! It looks a lot prettier after I put the berries and the whipped cream on top, but I took that picture with my cellphone and I’m actually too lazy to transfer it.

My husband ordered one of his favourite breakfasts of all time, Steak and Eggs and this one a 7oz piece of New York steak with 2 eggs. The steak was well seasoned and tender, cooked to his liking! We definitely had no complaints here!

Overall, we had a fantastic breakfast here and we left for a long road trip stuffed, but not so full where we were uncomfortable!

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Prime Social Kitchen

435 Gregoire Drive
Fort McMurray, Alberta

Radisson Hotel and Suites – Fort McMurray, Alberta

We made it to Fort McMurray for an Oil Sands tour and so we decided we’d stay the night at the Radisson Hotel & Suites after the tour. It was a fantastic package that we got with this offer with the Oil Sands tour and the Marine Museum with the night stay here!

This city is definitely mostly workers in the oil sands but it was pretty neat as the culture here is quite different from any other. The room that we got to stay in was very nice! It had a nice King sized bed and of course, it was a sleep number bed which is perfect for my husband and I. We like different firmness of bed so this was wonderful!

The actual room itself was very spacious and the feel of the hotel was really new and clean. It had a desk area as well as a seating area which I didn’t take a picture of but you can see it on the clip below. The bathroom was quite spacious and although the tub was standard, it almost felt like an oversized one.

Overall stay here was fantastic. The front desk staff was friendly, the restaurant was delicious and the staff there was also great.

Radisson Hotel and Suites Fort McMurray

435 Gregoire Drive
Fort McMurray Alberta

Reservations: 1-780-743-2400

Radisson Hotel Vancouver Airport

We were invited to a very special wedding that took place in Richmond, British Columbia, and we wanted to find a hotel that was close to famiily, food, and other amenities. We found the Radission Hotel that was located at a perfect location – right at the intersection of No. 3 and Cambie Road. Right beside the hotel is the T&T Supermarket and behind that supermarket was another plaza Yaohan Centre.

We arrived into Vancouver quite early – around 10am, and got our rental car and decided to go and try to check-in before we go find some food. The front desk staff was extremely friendly and she made our check-in experience very memorable. She was also very knowledgeable and helpful when we asked her a few questions and recommendations regarding the local area!

We arrived into our room and we thought the room and hotel was beautiful! We had a room with a King Bed, with the sleep number system – which is something I really enjoy! There was a huge desk and lots of space in the room – complete with a small coffee maker and a mini fridge in the room, and a in-room safe in the closet.

The bathroom was large with again, tons of counter space! The bathroom amenities were quite nice as well – which is their line of products they use from other Radisson hotels. the bar bath soap is a massaging bar soap with a hint of almond scent. Their line of products was at a nice quality – even though I dug out my own products the second day – as my skin is more sensitive. My husband continued to use the Radisson products though – so you know he liked it! He did comment on the nice bath soap too! The shower doesn’t have a lot of pressure – so it’s a light shower. The water does get really hot, so that’s a nice treat! You don’t even need to wait a few minutes for the hot water either! The sink does drain quite slowly – so it’s important to turn the water off!

Parking at the hotel was complimentary to guests! We registered the car at the front desk during check in and there was no problem. There wasn’t a lot of parking in the front parking lot – but apparently there is an overflow lot which we didn’t have to use! Our car was left in the lot for the entire day for one of the days as we got picked up from another family member, and there was no problem with our car at all! Overall, the stay was really nice! The service was great, and the location was wonderful and convenient! We will probably be staying at this hotel when we visit again!

Radisson Toronto East

We’ve been going to Toronto annually now for the last 3 years and we love it in Toronto. We stay at Radisson Toronto East primarily due to location. Each time we’ve stayed here, it seems to get better – so that’s a major plus. One thing I noticed this year was the fact there was a guest parking fee now of $8! We never had that on our bill before.

We really like the location of this hotel as it’s just off of Macdonald-Cartier Freeway (Highway of Heros – 401) and Victoria Park Avenue which are main arteries for easy commute. Our family lives in the area East of the hotel, and we’re up at Pacific Mall a lot – so the location is just wonderful.

The hotel itself seems like a typical hotel, and it’s been showing it’s age every year. We’ve noticed slight modifications and effort to update the hotel, but I think it still needs more work.

The customer service at this hotel front desk is wonderful. They’re always very accommodating and they take and respond to comments and concerns I address to them. The room we stayed in this year has been updated from the previous years, and the one thing that stands out more than anything else is the convenient single cup coffee maker in the room and a mini-fridge. I really like this feature in my room, as it was really nice and convenient.

Instead of 1 King bed in our suite this year, we had 2 queens, and both beds had the Sleep Number Bed systems which was easy to adjust for comfort. It was really neat as the smaller queen beds still offered a control for both left and right side of the bed, just as the king beds we stayed in previously.

Overall, the hotel is a clean and comfortable place to stay especially with their newly updates to the hotel. The sleep number bed system makes a wonderful bed to unwind and caters to all guests.

Radisson Toronto East

55 Hallcrown Place
Toronto, ON
(416) 493-7000