Sweet Capone’s – Red Deer, Alberta

I’ve been eyeing a small little cafe called Sweet Capones in Red Deer, Alberta. When I found the perfect time to drag my girlfriend there to eat cannoli, I did! We found this little store front off a main road but through industrial access roads. There’s at least lots of parking and the place is adorable!

It’s during this COVID time where we never know if these plans will fall through but luckily they allowed for seating indoors. The place was tastefully decorated and it warmed up the entire place. I can’t wait to see how they decorate the place through the seasons of the year!

I actually watched their social media posts and when they announced they had their Pumpkin Spiced Cannoli, it was really the main catch of us planning a date to make this visit happen!! So, here it is, I ordered their beautiful cannoli, with a delicate crispy shell filled with light pumpkin spiced cream. What a perfect treat! I had their cinnamon french toast latte as well to warm me up as it’s getting cold in these shoulder seasons. The latte was very comforting!

We had 3 of us on this trip, and I just want to show a picture of our three cannoli’s that we enjoyed in the cafe. We had their Vanilla cannoli and their salted caramel cannoli which all of them were delicate and quite perfect.

We didn’t mind a heavier price tag as these were absolutely specialty items that are hard to get. Especially for the size of them and the taste and texture. We brought some extra ones home and ended filling the table with awesome treats that I would recommend anyone to make this stop!

Sweet Capones Cannoli

6206 67 St #2
Red Deer, AB

The Donut Mill – Red Deer, AB

There’s no better little birthday cake than having a donut! We stopped at The Donut Mill on our way to Edmonton for a delicious donut in lieu of a birthday cake so when we walked inside this place that looks like a windmill, we were floored with the selection of delicious looking donuts.

Their display of donuts was quite impressive and there was never a quiet time in line – there’s always someone walking through their doors for either sweets or savoury foods. The selection is huge and they have quite a large dining area as well.

After I ordered my donut, I then saw some eclairs – which was what I really wanted when I was there. They were in a separate display case, but I’m sure that I will be going back to enjoy a giant eclair someday soon!

I ended up picking the Chocolate Venetian which was a donut filled with vanilla pudding topped with chocolate glaze. It was really quite delightful! The donut was really fresh, light, soft and fluffy!

The other donut we enjoyed was their monthly special called Donut of the Month which happens to be a maple donut with whipped cream inside! It was also really nice! The light airiness of the whipped cream inside the donut really was a treat as we’re use to creams, puddings or custards!

Overall, I loved this place and I already know I will be back – to try to eclair and some of their hot and savoury goodies! It’s a great stop whether you’re around this area for a quick bite or an actual meal.

The Donut Mill on Urbanspoon

The Donut Mill

Gasoline Alley Westside – 37420 Hwy 2
Red Deer, AB
(403) 347-8904