Red Lobster – Lobsterfest

For many years, I’ve seen TV commercials for Red Lobster’s Lobsterfest and I’ve never had the chance to go. This year, I said “we’re going!” and we did make it to Lobsterfest while the promotion was still on! We went to the location in Calgary on Macleod Trail – which is a location where I’ve been to a few times already. The place seems to be newly renovated inside and it seems more spacious and brighter – which is nice. It still has an intimate feel to it too!

We started with an appetizer, and decided to have an order of their White Wine and Roasted Garlic Mussels which is a big bowl of steamed mussels with white wine and roasted garlic and tomatoes. There was also some really nice bread to soak up the sauce, and both the bread and sauce was excellent!

When you order a meal, it comes with soup or salad to start, and I actually upgraded my soup to their Lobster Bisque which is something I love. Here, it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t my favourite cup of lobster bisque.

For the other meal, we decided to just stick with their Garden Salad with dressing. It was very typical but it’s nice to have the greens in a meal such like this one!

My main order was their Dueling Lobster Tails which was a generous portion of 2 lobster tails. Once was a crab-and-seafood stuffed Maritime lobster tail, and a Maritime lobster tail topped with creamy roasted-garlic shrimp. Both the tails were excellent in taste and texture and although they are the same type of lobster tail, it was nice to see the difference in preparation!

The other main entree we had was their Lobster Lover’s Dream which was a dream – a lobster dream! This plate had a succulent rock lobster tail and sweet split Maritime lobster tail, roasted and served with lobster-and-shrimp linguini Alfredo. The Rock Lobster tail was not only beautiful to look at, it was the best lobster this evening. Plain, simple, and perfect!

The size of the lobster tails was surprisingly large in size considering an entree has 2 of them! They were cooked really well, and seasoned well. This was an amazing experience at lobsterfest! I’m sure we’ll be back again!

Red Lobster

100-6100 Macleod Trail SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 252-8818

Red Lobster: Crabfest – Calgary, Alberta

Crabfest is an event that Red Lobster put on annually, and this year, the commercials attracted me more than ever – so I went to try Crabfest for the first time! We didn’t order any starters or anything, but

Red Lobsters is wonderful for their Biscuits which is always buttery, garlicky and delicious! Of course, I inhaled almost all of those before anything else came!

For a drink, I wanted a nice drink, but alcoholic free as I am almost certain I am allergic to alcoholic. I ordered the Strawberry Smoothie which was a wonderful drink, and I would recommend it to all the kids, and people who don’t drink alcohol. It was really refreshing and full of strawberry flavour. Well, in actuality, it is called Sunset Strawberry which is a “Sail Away Smoothie“.

We ordered a Snow Crab & Roasted Garlic Seafood Bake which was 1 full pound of steamed snow crab legs paired with tender shrimp and sea scallops roasted in a garlic and white wine broth. Served with sweet corn on the cob and red potatoes. The steamed snow crab was fantastic, and it was really fresh! As we’re cracking through the shells, it snaps so easily! For crustaceans, if the shells are soggy or they don’t “crack” it’s really not fresh! But, I was really surprised how fresh, and how much food we got with this seafood bake! Even the shrimp and scallops were bigger and better too! The corn was really sweet and infused in the seafood broth – which was wonderful!

We also ordered Crab Crusted Tilapia which had fresh tilapia topped with a creamy blend of sweet crab meat, Parmesan cheese and breadcrumbs, then baked crispy and golden. Served with fresh broccoli. I really didn’t care much for this dish, as I’m not a fan of Parmesan cheese. I eat a lot with my nose and eyes, and I just can’t stand the smell of Parmesan cheese. It was worse when I tried another bite after the dish was cold.

The last thing we tried was the Red Lobster – Seaport Lobster & Shrimp and this was really good. It was a plate with a fire-grilled split Maritime lobster tail, savory garlic shrimp, and a skewer of jumbo garlic grilled shrimp. I got this over some mashed potatoes. The lobster tail was really good and fresh. The garlic shrimp was not my favourite at all. It was soggy/mushy and just in a little tub of garlic butter. The shrimp that was on the skewer was a million times better, both taste and texture!

By the end of the night, there was no room for dessert! We have had dessert from Red Lobster before, and it’s good, but it’s not worth filling ourselves up to the brim. Overall, a super satisfied night with family over really good seafood.

Red Lobster

6100 Macloed Trail
Calgary, AB
(403) 252-8818