Grumans Catering & Delicatessen – Calgary, Alberta

We had a weekend where we wanted smoked meat sandwiches and we ventured to pretty much downtown at a place called Grumans. There wasn’t really parking outside so you do need to find street parking, which isn’t bad on weekends!

Once we got parked, we waited for a bit for a table as this place is quite popular! We knew you could order Jewish food here, so we decided to try their Chicken Matzo Soup to start with. It’s a delicious clear yet flavourful chicken broth with a dumpling! This actually was much more interesting than it looked!

As this was lunch, I wanted something a bit more hearty, with smoked meat. I decided I was going for the Grumans Reuben Sandwich and it was an excellent choice! The sandwich was perfectly toasted rye bread, with generous amount of smoked meat, topped with some sauerkraut and Swiss cheese. The menu does state there’s Russian Dressing on it, and I couldn’t tell what that was!?

My other half loves Shepherds Pies and smoked meat.. and when they came together on the menu – he knew immediately what he wanted! He ordered the Smoked Meat Shepherds Pie, it came in a dish with perfectly piped and roasted mashed potatoes. Inside was packed with Montreal smoked meat, carrots, onions and corn. A very hearty and delicious dish!

The experience here was amazing once we got inside! As mentioned, parking is tricky but it’s well worth the fight and battle! The food is made with so much love and you can see it in the servers eyes when they talk about their food. This is a place to take anyone!

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Grumans Catering and Deli

230 – 11 Ave SE,
Calgary, AB
(403) 261-9003

Myhre’s Deli – Calgary, Alberta

We were wanting to have some smoked meat sandwiches, and we’ve been meaning to go to Myhre’s Deli and so we made our way over here right at their opening. We were assuming it would be as busy as Galaxie Diner next door, but thankfully it wasn’t as bad at the time we got there!

Once we got in, we thought we had to order at the front. Turns out, if you wanted to dine in, you can actually just sit down and there will be table side service which was convenient! There were a lot of people who did take-out, which would have been amazing too. We really like dining in whenever possible as we believe it tastes best fresh!

I ordered their Montreal Smoked Meat sandwich and I got mine in a special – it was still 7oz of juicy smoked meat! The smoked meat was amazing, and the entire meal was fantastic! It was a great special as it came with a drink as well. The serving size was massive!

The other sandwich we decided to try was their Montreal Classic Sandwich which is like my sandwich with lettuce, onions, tomato and mayo. It was more refreshing than my sandwich, but it was still amazing tasting!

Not knowing how large these sandwiches were, we also ordered a Smoked Meat Poutine and was awesome! It was really large, but the meat was fantastic. Freshly fried french fries topped with their fantastic meat, covered in cheese curds and gravy! There’s really not much that can top this for perfection!

Overall, this place was amazing! The portions sizes are massive and tasted amazing. The meat was tender and juicy and their smoked meat tastes great alone or with other items. We really had a great morning here and will be back for more goodness!

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Myhre’s Deli

1411 11 St SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 244-6602

Wendy’s Pulled Pork Sandwich & Poutine Review

I had the opportunity to try Pulled Pork at Wendy’s as it’s their promotion that is going on. I knew for sure I wanted to try their Pulled Pork Sandwich as I love pulled pork sandwiches as they’re usually very messy and delicious. This one was definitely messy and it was quite delicious, although the pork itself could’ve been a bit warmer in temperature.

The sandwich is topped with the sauce of your choice, either smoky, sweet or spicy. We choose the smoky because it’s more “authentic” in our eyes. It was a nice sauce with tons of flavour – but it was kind of like bbq sauce. The coleslaw wasn’t very marinated yet and it was crisp and fresh though. It added nice texture to the sandwich. The bun was a brioche bun which was an excellent choice as it stood up the the sloppiness of this sandwich – the bun held up the entire time, although pork was falling out.

We also ordered their Pulled Pork Poutine as we wanted some fries. Poutine usually has gravy and cheese curds on top, and semi melted. Here, the pulled pork wasn’t hot enough for whatever reason was what we figured out, so the cheese was still really cold, instead of soft or gooey. The flavours was awesome though, we really enjoyed it and we would have enjoyed it a lot more with it being hotter. I did find there was too much onions on top – so I did fling some aside to make it more enjoyable of a side dish.

Overall, it was a fantastic dining experience and we thoroughly enjoyed the pulled pork from Wendys. I probably won’t change anything at all as it was really quite tasty. I’m sure we’ll be getting the poutine again – and it seems like some people call them cheese fries! Which ever they’re called, they’re delicious and would be spectacular if actually hot in temperature!

Blam!Wich Food Truck – Calgary

We’ve been to Blam!Wich more than once now and at first, the prices seemed a little high for a sandwich off a truck. But, if you order something extraordinary, it really makes up for it and makes your day!

This time, I ordered the Flyin’ Hawaiian which was a delicious combination of ham, pineapple cheese and chipotle mayo. Ham and pineapple has always been one of my favourite combinations, and in this sandwich, it was no exception! The cheese really wasn’t as melted as I would hope for, and therefore was a tad greasy feeling, but it was still really good. THe acidity and sweetness from the pineapples was a perfect compliment to the chipotle mayo – with your “ham and cheese” sandwich!

The other sandwich we ordered was the Bacon Storm, and to be honest, anything called the Bacon storm is something we’re attracted to! This sandwich is loaded with bacon and ham with some cheese and tomatoes! Not a whole lot, but it certainly didn’t take away from the great taste of pork!

Now, I think I’m really loving the Blam!Wich food truck as it offers delectable sandwiches that seems like you can’t get anywhere else! If you’re looking for a quick and delicious sandwich, I would like to recommend you follow the Blam!Wich food truck!

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Homemade Vietnamese Sandwich with Grilled Chicken

I really love Vietnamese Submarines, and these days, it seems to be hard to find some in the city – for a reasonable price. I had to make a few modifications as I didn’t have all the ingredients, but the sandwich sure tasted great!

1 French Roll or similar bun (crusty outside, soft inside)
1 chicken breast or 2 chicken thighs (boneless and skinless)
1 tbsp mayonnaise
1 or 2 slices of cucumbers
pickled carrots
chili pepper (optional)
soy sauce
fish sauce
white soft cheese (I use mozzarella cheese)

To make this, I actually made my own pickled carrots, which is really simple to do. Some people have a mixture of pickled daikon and carrots, but I opted for just carrots as that’s the way I’m use to! If you’re making it, make this step at least an hour ahead of time.

Pan sear the chicken thigh or breast with some oil, salt and pepper. Once it’s cooked, take off the stove and let it rest.

In the mean time, cut your bun, spread one side with mayonnaise and the other side with a few shakes of soy sauce and fish sauce, and salt and pepper.

Place the meat on the bun, and top it with some cheese and bake until the cheese melts in a 350F oven, which takes a few minutes. Then, take the submarine out of the oven, and top it off with the pickled carrots, cilantro and other fresh vegetables. (I usually don’t put the raw onions on as I’m worried about onion breath at work – if I’m having this for lunch) Put the top of the sandwich on and you’re ready to enjoy!