Mighty Skillet Food Truck – Calgary

One of our newest members to the Food Truck in Calgary would be The Mighty Skillet which recently started hitting the streets in November 2011.

I ordered the Eggs Benny which is their take on the Eggs Benedict. It still was delicious and just by looking at it, you knew it was suppose to be an eggs benedict. This platter of food came with 2 perfectly poached eggs, on top of a slice of ham, and that all sat on top of a bed of hash browns. Along side was a slice of toast. The hashbrowns was different from any other hash brown, as they were not crispy and it was made of what seemed to be a lot of onion shavings with a lot of herbs and spices!

We also ordered the Corn Beef Hash which again used a different type of hashbrown! This time, it wasn’t as “spiced” up, but still very flavourful! This dish was their spin on the regular corned beef hash as well! It was shredded potatoes with pieces of corned beef (deli?) mixed into it! It also had a fantastic egg on top!

Everything from this truck was very flavourful and well worth the wait! We went during a wind storm, and it was actually a lot of fun braving the elements and enjoying some good and hot food! Well worth the visit! These guys know how to prepare really good breakfast food and they’re awesome at making eggs in my opinion! Great work!