Cinnzeo – Bacon Roll

I was first introduced to even the concept of Bacon Cinnamon Buns from Cinnzeo from Twitter. I thought it was only available at the Calgary Stampede Grounds and to my excitement when I saw it at Southcentre‘s Cinnzeo, I knew I had to try this roll of goodness!

At a first glance, it looks just like a normal cinnamon bun but as you cut into it, you’ll notice large chunks of bacon scattered throughout the bun! It’s a wonderful idea that Cinnzeo came up with! You get the saltiness from the bacon, and the sweetness from the icing – it’s nicely balance!

I like anything bacon, and I especially like cinnamon buns from Cinnzeo, so this is a great marriage of 2 things I love most! I would recommend this to anyone who likes both bacon and cinnamon buns! 🙂

  • Cinnzeo - Bacon Roll
  • Cinnzeo - Bacon Roll
  • Cinnzeo - Bacon Roll
  • Cinnzeo - Bacon Roll
  • Cinnzeo - Bacon Roll

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Cinnzeo Bakery and Cafe

Southcentre Mall
Calgary, AB

Southcentre Mall – Cinnzeo

I love Cinnamon buns, and after a failing attempt to make some, I gave up and always reverted back to the delicious and fresh cinnamon buns at Cinnzeo from Southcentre. Not all Cinnzeo locations are a like, and I’ve tried a few… only a small handful of mall locations serve up fresh, perfectly spiced cinnamon buns!

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  • Cinnzeo
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Ruby Thai Kitchen – Calgary, Alberta

Ruby Thai Kitchen is at the Food Court of South Centre Mall in Calgary! I especially enjoy their spicy beef noodle soup – but this time, I tried their food that was out already as it was close to their closing time.

I didn’t enjoy the food that was sitting out in the buffet. It was dry, but as mentioned, it may be because it was the end of the day.

But having the noodle soup is definitely the place to go for this mall’s food court!

Taco Time South Centre

I often eat at a food court on Saturdays… it’s my afternoon laziness, and I always enjoy TacoTime. South Centre is no different, and the mexi fries deluxe is something I always get! Its really good when they make it fresh, and the chances are it’s fresh during lunch hour!

The burritos are always fresh and that makes it really nice for a food court! During this particular visit, I had the regular super chicken burrito. I normally really enjoy the ranch chicken burrito, but I thought i would switch it up a little.

We also always order a beef and cheese burrito, and it’s always packed with delicious ground beef and oozing melting cheese!! It’s always a meal on it’s own!

  • TacoTime South Centre Mall
  • TacoTime Mexi Fries Deluxe
  • TacoTime Salsa
  • TacoTime Super Chicken Burrito
  • TacoTime Beef and Cheese Burrito

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