Via Cibo South Trail – Calgary, Alberta

We were looking for a quick dinner this one evening, and we remembered having Via Cibo at Deerfoot Meadows being really delicious, so we decided to head into the location on 130th Avenue SE just off Deerfoot Trail. There’s ample parking but I assume when everything is opened, the parking situation will be trickier as there’s lots of development here right now.

The way the layout is for this fast food chain is standard, but they give you a number and you pick a table and the staff will bring you your order. It’s quite organized, and although it was really new when we came here, it was speedy enough. We do love the open kitchen concept, and their system was quite amazing. The service was great both for dine in and take out.

We started with their Margherita Pizza as I wanted something simple and delicious. They definitely delivered and everything was fresh and tasty. The crust was beautifully cooked with a nice crisp and it wasn’t soggy at all.

What is more Italian than pasta, so we had an order of their Alfredo Pasta with Sausage. At first, the portions seemed really small, but as you eat it, you do fill up quickly so it worked out at the end.

We definitely enjoyed our experience here. It was a quick night out dinner and we couldn’t have asked for anything else! I’m sure we’ll be back as we’re just steps away and I can always use a bowl of pasta! The food was definiately made to order which is something we appreciate a lot, and believe it’s well worth the time and effort.

Via Cibo South Trail

515-4700 130th Ave SE
Calgary, AB T2Z 4E7

Chili’s Texas Grill (South Trail) – Calgary, Alberta

I really enjoyed my experiences at Chili’s Texas Grill and when I had a bad day, we came to try the one at this South Trail location (130th Avenue SE) instead of my usual locations and there was a long wait for a table once we got there which always makes me happy as I think people like it and so they’re really busy!

We ordered their 2 for $30 special as we do often pick from that menu. We started with their Jalapeño Cheese Bites which came out piping hot with delicious ooey gooey cheese on the inside and crispy and crunch crust. There was a little drizzle of their chipotle pesto ranch sauce!

For my entree, I picked from their Fajita where we selected beef fajitas. The table smelled amazing the moment our waitress put the food down, and it was all I could stare at! It was not only a beautiful dinner, it tasted pretty amazing! They don’t have enough fajita wraps, but I really enjoyed just eating the grilled selection as it was with it’s condiments.

Then, the other entree we got with this special was their Honey-Chipotle Ribs which was a pretty good sized portion even with this promotion. The ribs were tender and juicy – just the way they should be. The sauce was delicious as it was sweet with some heat. It was perfect!

Our overall experience was a great one! There is always going to be a wait at any Chili’s location (the ones I’ve been too) and the food and service was amazing here! There’s no reason to g different location. Parking is a little limited and depending on the hour you’re going, traffic can be a little more chaotic – but it’s worth it!

Chili's Texas Grill on Urbanspoon

Chili’s Texas Grill – South Trail

4370 130 Ave SE
Calgary, AB
(403) 474-4159

Chachi’s – Calgary, Alberta

I’ve seen Chaichi’s Sandwich Bar a few times now, before I actually got a chance to go in. I always see it when I’m at Tim Hortons, but by then — I’ve already got some delicious food in my hand. However, I finally made it over to Chachi’s for a birthday lunch, and it was okay. It’s actually nothing special… and for the amount you pay, I may as well go over to the grocery store and order a deli sandwich.

The sandwich itself wasn’t bad, but I must say it’s nothing special. I ordered a Chicken & Havarti sandwich, and that only had one size option, long – which was fine for me. It was jammed packed with chicken breast, havarti cheese, basil pesto, Dijon, red onions, lettuce and tomatoes on Italian bread.

We also had the New York Style Smoked Meat Sandwich, and that was alright as well. It was much softer, and basically consisted only of smoked meat, and mustard also on Italian bread.


#35 South Trail Crossing
4307 – 130th Ave SE
Calgary, AB (403) 457-5397

Mucho Burrito – Calgary, Alberta

I set foot in a Mucho Burrito for the first time today (Cinco de Mayo), and they conveniently had a special going on for a medium burrito for $5!! So, I tried the Medio – 12″ Pan Seared Tilapia on white tortilla.

Of course, in competition, my other half had a Mucho XL Burrito Barbacoa – Marinated beef, slow cooked and shredded on white tortilla.

  • Mucho Burrito - Outside
  • Mucho Burrito - Cinco de Mayo
  • Mucho Burrito - Menu
  • Mucho Burrito - Medio Tilapia Burrito
  • Mucho Burrito - Pan Seared Tilapia

Mucho Burrito

Unit 215, 4307 130th Ave SE
Calgary, AB T2Z
(403) 453-1933