deVille Luxury Coffee & Pastries – Calgary, Alberta

I was wanting a nice cup of coffee, and I’ve always recalled seeing a sign for Krups Cup of Excellence, and when I looked it up, deVille Luxury Coffee & Pastries was the 2010 recipient of this award! Knowing just that information alone, I knew I would have to go and try their coffees, and enjoy my favourite – foam art!

Located right at the intersection of 7th Ave, SW and Centre Street on the second floor gave this location really quite spectacular of a view! Depending where you sit, you can get a great view of the new Bow Building and the Calgary Tower! The hours for deVille claims they open from 7am to 7pm on weekdays. We went there after work one evening, and got there around 6:15pm. It was all fine and dandy, until I looked over at around 6:30pm, and the gates were already pulled. The barista actually closed the door on over 8 guests early!! Some potential customers even tried to ask her where would be the next closest coffee shop – and she actually sent them away! I was really disappointed in that type of customer service. For poor customer service, it made me not enjoy myself, so I do not think I will be back – as I don’t know if I travel all the way there to see the “CLOSED” sign up early.

Regardless, we did order our lattes before this early closing. I enjoyed a cup of Nutella Latte, which actually was quite delicious! The coffee wasn’t burnt or anything, and it did have a subtle taste of nutella. I did put in a pack of sugar into my coffee, and to my excitement, they use Cane Sugar instead of the usual. I really enjoyed my cup of nutella latte!

We also had a cup of Chocolate Latte and my better half really enjoyed it! He loves his coffee dark, and his chocolate dark, and this was a perfect marriage of the 2 for him! It was thick, yet creamy – so the coffees from deVille did satisfy us!

The prices of the coffee from deVille was very reasonable as well. For a downtown location, I would expect it to be much higher, and it’s setting is such an ideal location, it’s very modern and comfortable. It is quite a spectacular location for sure! I do recommend trying, but go early!

deVille Luxury Coffee & Pastries

807 1 St SW
Calgary, AB T2P1N3
(403) 263-0884

Caffe Crema – Calgary, Alberta

I really like coffee with foam art and I’ve been searching for a coffee place that isn’t too far from me that offers foam art – as it offers an exceptional experience as we eat with our eyes! Caffe Crema does a wonderful job with their coffees, lattes, macchiatos, and much more! And, the best thing, they do have gorgeous foam art!

I ordered their Macchiato and it has a beautiful latte art and it taste really good!

We also ordered their standard Latte and it was pretty standard. Overall, it was a fun place to be.

Caffe Crema

10-2525 Bridlecrest Way SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 457-4022

A Ladybug Bakery and Cafe – Calgary, Alberta

I have always loved strawberry waffles and A Ladybug Bakery and Cafe sure knows how to make them the way I like them! Previous to this experience with Ladybug, I’ve only been to their old location at the Currie Barracks, which has now closed, and it doesn’t look like they’re going to open a new location in the new Calgary Farmers Market

We had a few people that joined us for lunch, and we got pictures and their comments of the dish also! 🙂 But, I did order the Strawberry Waffles and it was as very tasty. The texture of the waffles was amazing with generous toppings!

We had an order of their lasagna and it looked really amazing! The smell of cheese, you could smell it at least a table away! This lasagna was packed with mushrooms, bechamel sauce, ground beef, and tomato sauce, it truly was an awesome choice!

I did enjoy their Chai Tea Latte and I found it was a bit watered down, but the quality of the chai tea was really good. I didn’t mind it was a little more subtle.

We had dessert to complete the meal, and I had a Tiramisu because I wanted a delicious one that I was craving since our trip to Las Vegas. It was a very delicate and delicious tiramisu here.

We also had their Chocolate Eclair which was quite decent! A delicate filling inside a beautiful chocolate donut.

A Ladybug Bakery and Cafe

2132 10 Aspen Stone Blvd
Calgary, AB
(403) 249-5530

Cruffs, The House of Cream Puffs – Calgary, Alberta

I went to Cruffs at the end of 2010, and I remember telling all my friends about it… and they gave me the funniest look ever — they said “only I would find a cream puff place and enjoy it”. To my delight, it’s like one of the talk of the town!! 🙂 I think Calgary has phased into little sweets, to sweeten up the day!! Cream puffs, cupcakes, cookies and pies are becoming quite popular now!

I really LOVED Cruffs, and I will go back in a heart beat! They have great flavors of cream that they squirt into the cream puff when you order it — that way the cream puffs stay very crispy on the outside, and creamy in the inside.

We went on a quiet weekday, and they seem to not have all the flavors advertised, but that was fine with us! We had vanilla, strawberry, banana, coconut and hazelnut chocolate, all in regular sized cream puffs!

They also have Panekoek which looks like crepes, but it wasn’t the item that they are branded for, so we’ll probably go try it next time!

Overall, if you’re looking for the perfect snack that is quite light, a cream puff from Cruff’s is an excellent idea!

Cruffs, The House of Cream Puffs

2312 4 St SW
Calgary, AB

A Ladybug Belgian Patisserie – Calgary, Alberta

We visited the market at Currie Barracks one afternoon, and couldn’t help but to stop by A Ladybug Belgian Pastsserie with the soft scent of freshly made crepes. We weren’t hungry or anything, but just couldn’t resist that sweet temptation. So, we sat down and ordered ourselves a strawberry waffle, as that’s one of my favorite things to eat on a nice hot morning.

The freshness of the fruits, and crispness of the outside of the waffle, to the soft chewy waffle inside was in perfect harmony. The whipped cream used to garnish was home made, and tasted great with the waffles as well. We always thought we would be back, but I guess the market at Currie Barracks have closed. I hope they’ll re-open in the new location, as I can’t wait to sink my teeth into some more waffles, and perhaps crepes too!

A Ladybug Belgian Patisserie

4199 Quesnay Wood Dr SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 689-0244