Yung Ho Soy Drink 永和豆漿

So, we were traveling and we went to Richmond, British Columbia. We stayed at the Radission hotel, which was located at a convenient location. There was a walkway on the 2nd floor over to a food court – and it connects to their T&T. One morning, we decided to have breakfast at this food court – and we settled at Yung Ho Soy Drink.

We were a table of 3, as my father-in-law joined us for this meal – and, he ordered a hot soy drink with Chinese Deep Fried doughnut. He seemed to really enjoy it! The deep fried doughnuts were amazing! They were crispy and light, and it didn’t feel greasy!

I ordered a combo – the Combo 7 which came with a hot soy drink, and original stuffed rice. I love stuffed rice, and these ones were the sticky rice! What a perfect little breakfast, as I love both of these 2 items. The best part of it – the combo was only $4! As funny as it sounds, I actually don’t have a picture of the sticky rice from the inside. I opened it and started eating it… and forgot to stop to take a picture! I guess it tasted great! 😉

My husband ordered Combo 4 which was fun, since we didn’t know what it was. It says it comes with Salty Pastry with Scrambled Onion Eggs and Soy Milk. The salty pastry was pretty much the texture of “Chinese Onion Cake” and Puff pastry mix… and it wrapped some scrambled eggs inside. It tasted really good!

Overall, we loved this place! The people behind the counter was extremely friendly and patient. I don’t speak Mandarin, but they spoke slowly and loudly… and they repeated many times for me. It was definitely an experience and we love it! When we’re back in the area, I’m sure we’ll be back!

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Yung Ho Soy Drink 永和豆漿

#2255, 8181 Cambie Road
Richmond, BC V6X3X9
(604) 232-9969