Prime Social Kitchen – Fort McMurray, Alberta

We went for breakfast in our hotel at the Radisson Fort McMurray at Prime Social Kitchen and the breakfast here was really delicious. The service was quick and friendly as well.

I ordered the Waffles and Berries which was just what I wanted. Delicious sweet waffles that were perfectly prepared with fresh berries for me to place on top. The breakfast was satisfying and it made me really happy! It looks a lot prettier after I put the berries and the whipped cream on top, but I took that picture with my cellphone and I’m actually too lazy to transfer it.

My husband ordered one of his favourite breakfasts of all time, Steak and Eggs and this one a 7oz piece of New York steak with 2 eggs. The steak was well seasoned and tender, cooked to his liking! We definitely had no complaints here!

Overall, we had a fantastic breakfast here and we left for a long road trip stuffed, but not so full where we were uncomfortable!

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Prime Social Kitchen

435 Gregoire Drive
Fort McMurray, Alberta