Steakout & Drifters Lounge – Edmonton, AB

This particular time we went to Edmonton was because there was a Diana exhibit on at the West Edmonton Mall which I wanted to go see – so I did. After the exhibit, we went to a place where my husbands co-workers recommended us to go for smoked meat sandwiches, so we went. It was to The Steak Out and it was a large place with tons of customers even during off peak hours.

With that recommendation in mind, we at smoked meat! I ordered their Smoked Meat Sandwiches which had tons of smoked meat on bread – and like the traditional Montreal style with mustard and a pickle! It was tender, and juicy and awesome!

With that mentioned, my husband ordered the same thing but in jumbo form and it had a lot more smoked meat with some sides. It was just as good and the fries were really tasty – although not the highlight at all. He had the Jumbo Smoked Meat Sandwich! Right now, that is definitely the place to go if we’re craving an awesome smoked meat sandwich!

This is a wonderful recommendation and it really made the trip to Edmonton worth it! The exhibit I went to was great and this was just as great — if not better!

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Steakout & Drifters Lounge

3376 Parsons Rd NW
Edmonton, AB
(780) 463-4490