The Royal Duke Eatery & Pub – Okotoks, Alberta

We recently went to Okotoks for their annual Light Up Okotoks in their old town. It was fun and it was a chilly evening, so after the tree got lit, we went into The Royal Duke Eatery & Pub to fill my belly and to warm up! It was a large space and the place was packed, which was great!

Of course, I sat down and went to my go to drink right now…. spicy tomato juice called Virgin Caesars! Yes, Brad, I still like it! 🙂 This one was a little disappointing though, I think there was too much ice or something, it seemed a tad diluted.

We started our dinner with their Button Ribs which is dry garlic ribs for $12! I didn’t eat some ribs before taking the picture… which makes me think it wasn’t a great deal at all! They were good ribs though!

I ordered the Philly Steak Sandwich which is a typical sandwich. I don’t venture much when I’m in a pub, I try to stick to more pub food, but I needed dinner so I got this! It was pretty good and for the side, it was clam chowder! This was a good size plate for $14! It was pretty standard! I enjoyed my sandwich, but I ended up eating all the meat and left the bread at the end.

My husband ordered the NY Steak Sandwich and it was actually really good! He had the side order of fries and gravy. It was pretty good! I think I enjoyed his entree more than mine, but I wasn’t a fan of the gravy for some strange reason! Who doesn’t like brown sauce?! I don’t know what my problem was, but it was still good!

Overall, it was a decent pub place. Pubs aren’t fancy food, so it fit the bill. Service was excellent, even though they were so busy. At the end of the night, we did enjoy ourselves but we did have a bit of negative thought in our minds from the dry ribs. I guess just opt out for it!

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The Royal Duke Eatery & Pub

2 Elizabeth St
Okotoks, AB
(403) 938-4101