Caesar’s Steak House Downtown – Calgary, Alberta

We have actually been here before, and it’s a place where we’d go back to – so we did! We made a reservation here for a special occasion at the Caesars Steakhouse downtown Calgary location. We lucked out with parking on the side street, but apparently there’s complimentary valet parking after 5pm.

We sat down and ordered some drink. We ordered the same thing, the Caesars – one regular, and one virgin. It was off to a rough start as our waiter had messed up placing whose drink goes with whom. So, I ended up with the alcoholic one in front of me – but I was quick to tell it wasn’t a virgin drink. The drink did taste really good though! Then, came our toast, which was a few pieces of buttery toast – grilled! Once slice had cheese and the other was plain. It was really buttery and quite tasty!

For an appetizer, we had their Escargot which came out in their shells, instead of the typical escargot plates which we really enjoyed from here! The meat was tender and the flavours were tasty and buttery – and it was even sauteed in butter with walnut & butter filling!

Then came a bowl of soup, we had their French Onion Soup which was standard. Nothing special, but definitely nothing to complain about. It was just a little bowl, so it wasn’t substantial as we were excited for our steaks at this point!

We then got a salad, their House Salad with their house dressing. This was quite a disappointment as the salad was wilted and drenched with dressing… it unfortunately didn’t look or taste too good – but it’s a salad, not the main highlight of our trip here!

Finally, the highlight of the show – I ordered the small New York Strip with a side of twice baked potatoes! It was fantastic! The meat was cooked perfectly, it was tender and juicy and tons of flavour!

My husband had their T-Bone Steak which he enjoyed thoroughly and devoured! Well, to be honest, I had quite a bit of his steak as well. The fries were good, but nothing too special or anything!

Our overall experience was good! We enjoyed what we came here for, with a few hiccups. We were told while we were ordering that there was no Steak Dianne, and the table right next to me, pretty much in the seat next to me got one… so, I was a little disappointed with that. Steaks are worth the trip to Caesars downtown location for sure though!

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Caesar’s Steak House

512 – 4 Ave SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 264-1222

Wellingtons of Calgary Dining & Lounge – Calgary, AB

For all the people who actually know me, they know I’ve been going to the same place for Valentines day for the last LOTS of years until they changed hands. This year, we had to find something else as we weren’t satisfied last year. We went to Wellingtons of Calgary and it was pretty good! It’s not cheap, but it was worth it for special occasions like Valentines day!

Once we were seated and ordered our drink, a bread basket came out and it was decent! But, we did order some starters and I enjoyed their Fresh Oysters in a Half Shell. I really enjoyed these oysters, they were really fresh and it tasted great with just a little bit of lemon.

My husband ordered their soup of the day, which was Seafood Chowder and it wasn’t a thick chowder, but it was still rich. It had tons of seafood in the soup and great depth of flavour.

The main entree, I had to order the Beef Wellington and it was really delicious! The steak was cooked to perfection, wrapped in great puff pastry that was light and fluffy with a great crispy exterior! It was a large piece of steak!

My husband ordered the Steak Dianne which was broiled beef tenderloin topped with a brandy mustard sauce. The steak again was prepared to perfection! We thoroughly enjoyed this steak with it’s gravy sauce! There was so much meat it was really worth the price!

After we ate, we were both stuffed to the rim. Our waiter sold us on getting a piece of cake for dessert, so we ordered what he recommended – the Cheesecake! It was fantastic and I’m so glad we got it! It was a light and fluffy cake where we were both glad we didn’t turn it down!

Overall, I believe this is going to be our new Valentines day location! We really like steaks for this special day and I’m sure we’re going to keep it that way! This may be my new favourite steak place in the city right now!

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Wellingtons of Calgary Dining & Lounge

10325 Bonaventure Dr SE
Calgary, AB
(403) 278-5250

The Cattle Baron (South) – Calgary, Alberta

I found myself looking for something fancy for dinner one evening. It was kind of cold and I was definitely under the weather. My husband decided we’d go and have steak — I know, kind of weird, but it was nice! Well, actually, he just wanted to try the south leg of the Ring Road and figured we’d eat wherever we ended up. So, we ended up at Cattle Baron at the South location.

I sat down, and ordered my drink. Extra spicy it was, but it was good! I’m just being very picky now as there wasn’t too many flaws throughout dinner… but I gotta say, when the ice melted, the bottom of the drink wasn’t as good! 🙂

Once our drinks came, a generous bread basket arrived too! Who wants to eat bread when they know they’re going to be tearing meat? Oh well, I had some bread and it was really good too! They win!

Now for the fun part, I ordered their Prime Rib which I got mine in their regular cut, but it was perfect! It was so tender and juicy – and quite a large portion of meat too! I got mine with stuffed potato as I haven’t had it in YEARS!

My husband enjoyed a nice Rib Eye Steak which I was kind of jealous of! It was so good and the grill taste was there, and was 10oz! I wouldn’t be able to finish it, but it was excellent for sure!!

Overall, we had a very pleasant experience and there were some company Christmas parties going on at the time of our visit. We didn’t have the wait long and the food didn’t taste like it was rushed… nor were we rushed either! It was a great dinner we had and I hope to be back soon!

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The Cattle Baron

33 Sun Valley Blvd SE
Calgary, AB
(403) 201-9000

Bumpers Beef House – Banff, Alberta

Bumpers Beef House is tucked away near the highway as you enter into Banff National Park – and it’s tucked away inside Bumpers Inn, by the gas station. We use to go here a lot for beef, as they always made it quite perfect for us! We’re not too interested in the unlimited salad bar, but we do take a few veggies and a dinner roll.

I ordered the ladies cut of prime rib, and it was large! I could barely finish it, but I stuffed myself and left extremely satisfied before we left Banff and headed back home. I blame the unlimited salad bar that stuffed me a little over the edge!

We also tried the 10oz Spencer Steak, and that was really good. Not only did they get perfect grill marks on the steak, it was cooked to perfection!

Bumpers Beef House

603 Banff Avenue
Banff, AB

Chop Steakhouse & Bar (Chinook) – Calgary, Alberta

We arrived at CHOP the other night for a celebration of ours. We were super excited to try an upscale steak house, which was true!

We arrived about 6pm, and it was starting to get busy, but we were lucky and was able to grab a table. The atmosphere was really quite warm, and modern! It is a family friendly location, as well as it can be romantic as well as business gathering — really quite a versatile atmosphere!

We ordered the catch of the day, which turned out to be this wonderful piece of white fish, with sesame crust in a ginger soy sauce. It really was quite tasty.

We also ordered a piece of medium-rare prime rib, which was also tasty and tender.

As this was “celebration” night, we also ended the evening with a dessert. We ordered the Fallen Chocolate Souffle Cake and it was not good. This didn’t end our evening well. The chocolate fondant was extremely hard, and the layer underneath it was a strange marshmallow layer – which was suppose to be
mascarpone mousse. It didn’t look like a souffle, fallen or not, and it didn’t taste good either.

Chop Steakhouse & Bar

6605 Macleod Tr SW
Calgary, AB T2H