Strathmore Station Restaurant & Pub – Stratmore, Alberta

We still love going out to enjoy some pub food and snacks once in awhile to relax on any given afternoon. We heard great things about Stratmore Station in Stratmore and decided to give it a shot.

The decoration inside was really neat – just like out of a scene in history of a train station. Tons of old pictures lines the walls and both their dining room and the pub was huge and bright!

We didn’t order much, just had an order of their Tex Mex Platter which was huge! The 2 of us didn’t even finish it as the platter was complete with their classic nachos with cheese, onions, tomatoes and olives – seasoned with Mexican spices. Then, on top of that had some Baha Quesa Spikes and Chicken wings. The Baha Spikes was basically fried burritos stuffed with goodness!

Overall, it was a fun time here. They had lots of TV’s, friendly staff and delicious food. We had an amazing time and can see us coming back – maybe for regular sized snacks or an actual meal though! The portions are very generous!

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Strathmore Station Restaurant & Pub

380 Ridge Rd
Strathmore, AB
(403) 934-0000

Imperial Dragon Family Restaurant – Stratmore, Alberta

Sometimes on weekends, I like to just do nothing and visit a Chinese/Western buffet. This particular weekend, I found myself at Imperial Dragon Family Restaurant in Strathmore, Alberta. It is just located right off the highway and it’s pretty big inside with a decent sized parking lot.

Once inside, it’s huge inside, lots of tables and chairs and lots of selection for the buffet! We were really happy and got started right away!

I had a few plates, but the food selection is quite standard. The quality is pretty good as well! They did have a few odd-ball items such as deviled eggs but that tasted pretty good.

They even had some giant wontons in their smorg and that was awesome! We had quite a few wontons as they tasted alright and the broth was nice too!

Dessert was fun, they had a good selection of sweets from Chinese almond cookies, to jello and cakes. They even had ice cream with more than 2 flavours! So, I was really happy to have a scoop of maple walnut!

Overall, it’s a great place to stop into a family owned Chinese/Western restaurant and go for their buffet. I’m assuming that their food is going to taste pretty good as well since their buffet was good!

Imperial Dragon Family Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Imperial Dragon Family Restaurant

1014 Westridge Road
Strathmore, AB
(403) 934-9963