Kraft MiO Liquid Water Enhancer – Strawberry Watermelon

I’ve been looking for a great alterative to powder to flavour up my drinks. Even though bottled flavoured water is great, I like the option of having it in my own cups/mugs without doing a transfer! My first MiO that I got to try was Strawberry Watermelon flavour, and I quite like it. For about $4.00 Canadian, the little bottle says you can get about 24 drinks. I find on some days, I like a subtle taste, so I use a lot less of the flavouring… where as other days, I almost want it like a juice, so I use more. Overall, it has lasted quite a long time, so it appears like a good deal. And, best of all, it has made me drink more water – which is the ultimate goal!

To use this product, I actually like to squirt the water enhancer in the bottom of my cup/mug first, and then pour the water in… so it mixes it for me! The bottle is quite well designed, where the flavours don’t pour out or anything. So, it’s great to travel with if you want. Only time something comes out is if you’re squeezing the bottle – which gets trickier when you’re near the bottom of the bottle. The flavour does squirt out quite a powerful stream, so be careful!

After the strawberry watermelon has been diluted with the amount of water you want, it’s a pretty colour and it tastes great! It is different than other water flavours, but not in a bad way, and it’s not too sweet! I don’t mind going out and trying more flavours!