Mandalay Bay – Las Vegas, Nevada

I’ve always loved going to Las Vegas especially experiencing new hotels. This time, I found myself checked in at Mandalay Bay, and the hotel is beautiful. The resort is absolutely beautiful but I wished the staff was friendlier as i had an incident with them, and they didn’t seem to value my experience.

The room was very nice and spacious. The bed was a king size bed and really comfortable. It was a great hotel to lounge at after a long day in Vegas!

The room offered only a bit of storage area, but had lots of space in general and seating area. It’s a lovely room with a stocked mini bar.

The bathroom was very impressive, it was large, tiled, and offered a separate toilet area. There’s a double sink, a stand up shower and a soaker tub.

This bathoom even has a TV in the room so you won’t miss anything on TV when you’re winding down in the tub.

Overall, the experience was quite pleasurable. We enjoyed the beautiful lobby, the pool area looks nice – although it was not opened during my stay. The complimentary flavoured water in the lobby was really a nice touch as well.

Mandalay Bay

3950 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV

The Mirage Hotel and Casino – Las Vegas, Nevada

I really enjoy trying new resorts on the Las Vegas strip, and we got the chance to try Mirage which is located pretty centre on the strip. A beautiful resort that offers a volcano outside.

I have stayed in their Resort King Room and it was really beautiful. One of our favourite hotels on the strip with a strip view. The king bed was very inviting and it was indeed very comfortable. The rooms here are quite quiet considering the amount of people and traffic. You can still get a great nights sleep!

The entry way of the room was beautiful as well as it opens onto a beautifully tiled spacious area. Tons of space for shoes and suit cases and there is a huge closet space as well.

The bathroom, although quite standard in comparison to the rest of the room was spacious and still very nice. Lots of counter top space for those who needs it and the shower had a nice pressure to it.

I do like this hotel, the windows to open a little bit to hear the volcano eruption and just to get some fresh air. This room definitely has all the amenities that you need including a stocked mini bar fridge, ice buckets, and a business desk with ports.

The pools at the Mirage are beautiful as well, although when we got here, they were closed for winter – which makes me have the urge to return to the resort and try out their pools!

The Mirage – Las Vegas

3400 Las Vegas Blvd South
Las Vegas, NV

Market Cafe Vdara – Las Vegas

We were staying at Vdara and I needed to grab a quick bite to eat before heading to the airport – so we just ate at the cafe downstairs called Market Cafe Vdara.

Once I saw the menu, I knew what I wanted! I wanted their Pacific Coast Bennies which is their salmon eggs benedict! It came complete with hashbrowns and asparagus! The salmon wasn’t bad at all and the hollandise sauce was really good. Overall, I still love my favourite breakfast!

Sticking with the salmon mode, we also ordered the Smoked Salmon Bagel which again was delicious! You can top your bagel with whatever toppings you wanted and how much you wanted as well – as it came on the side. Everything wa so fresh and delicious, it was a good time!

Overall, it was a great place to stop for food. However, be prepared for a long wait as there are tons of people grabbing take out and what not! It is worth the wait though!

Market Cafe Vdara on Urbanspoon

Market Cafe Vdara

2600 West Harmon Ave
Las Vegas, NV
(702) 590-2111

Max Brenner :The Forum Shops At Caesars Palace – Las Vegas, Nevada

I’ve been to Las Vegas many times, and I always walk the shops at Caesars Palace. I always find myself looking at this restaurant Max Brenner as it’s also called “Chocolate by the Bald Man” which always seems a bit odd to me. I wanted to go there for sure this one trip and so we went in for a lunch!

During this visit, it was in the winter, so it was actually pouring rain. I knew I wanted something hot, and my favourite go to drink is a hot chocolate. I ended up ordering their Choco-Pops Hot Chocolate which was amazing! It’s a delicious milk hot chocolate with little chocolate wafer balls that floated on top and added a phenomenal crunchy texture while enjoying the hot chocolate!

We also ordered a cold drink, just to add some variety! So, we ordered the Hazelnut Cream Chocolate Milkshake which was very tasty and not overly sweet as you may want to expect. It’s a hazelnut chocolate milkshake with vanilla ice cream, chocolate truffle, and topped with whipped cream! This drink was excellent and it was something full of flavour!

As this was a lunch, we ordered their Illegal Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Pancakes which was a huge stack of giant chocolate pancakes, topped with chocolate truffle cream, chocolate shavings and caramelized bananas! This is the breakfast for those who need sugar to start your day – and the great thing about it was the fact it wasn’t overly sweet at all! In fact, you know it’s chocolate but it’s not overwhelming at all! I absolutely loved the caramelized bananas with these pancakes and I think this is one of their signature meals, so I would recommend it too! 🙂

The last thing we ordered to share was the Chocolate Hazelnut Crepe which as the name implies was a beautiful and delicate crepe filled with chocolate hazelnut spread then topped with strawberries. It also comes with a little flask of milk chocolate ganache!

At the end, we were extremely stuffed! We would never had imagined the chocolate pancakes would be such a large portion. We ate as much as we could but we definitely finished the drinks! Afterwards, we wandered the gift shop and made a few delectable purchase too! I’m sure we will return as this was an experience I’ve been recommending everyone – and I want more!

Max Brenner

3500 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV
(702) 462-8790

Bellagio Tower Resort King

I’ve waited for a lot of years to stay at the luxiourious Bellagio Las Vegas, and we finally decided to stay there – just for 1 night (which I thought was a million times better than none!) We were greeted by friendly staff at the front desk to check us in, and as always, Bellagio was beautifully decorated and this time, it was for the festive holiday season!

When I first got to the room, I was greeted by the grand, and rather spacious foyer area that linked the door, to the room, to the bathroom. Tiled and light, it felt like I was transported to somewhere special – and expensive!

Bellagio Room Foyer

Just off the foyer was the grand bathroom, and I say grand because it’s huge! There’s only 1 bathroom in this suite, but definitely enough counter space and just space in general to spare! Once you turn to the bathroom, you’re greeted by 2 sinks with beautifully tiled marble floors. You can definitely take a while to absorb the beauty of this bathroom!

On the bathroom counter tops are lots of amenities and the scent of the products used are quite fragrant, yet light! It’s the perfect blend that they use, and their products actually feel really nice as well!

Bellagio Las Vegas Bathroom Amenities

My favourite part of this room is the large soaker tub, which is off to one side. It’s large, spacious and just a great way to wind down, or sooth tired achy feet from all the walking!

Last but not least in the bathroom would be the spacious stand up shower with glass walls, making it quite the experience for a shower! The seals were actually really good as no water was let out during the usage. There’s even a little ledge for you to use, but I must say – it’s pretty cold if you want to sit on it!

Now, moving on to the actual room, once you’re in the area, there’s a beautiful counter with a mini bar/fridge, completely stocked up for your convenience! I must say, the products are extremely expensive, as conveniences comes with a heavy price tag! Regardless, I didn’t indulge in anything like that as I didn’t spend too much time in the room.

The king bed was really plush and luxurious. It was very comfortable, and it was firm enough! A fabulous room and stay overall! The room was comfortable for bed, but be warn, crazy alarms do go off in the middle of the night and it’s loud! We timed the alarm, and it went off for 2 minutes before telling us “the cause of the alarm has been identified, and not an emergency” In the event it was, we lost at least 2 minuted to evacuate the building.

As we only stayed here for one night, the next morning, we packed up and made our way to Vdara, where there was a nice walkway to that resort, and I didn’t know it was there! Be aware there are 2 towers at the Bellagio, and they are not connected, but they can tell where you need to be by looking at the design of your key! Watch the walk-through of the room, and be prepared to be blown away!

I booked my Bellagio experience from Las Vegas Hotel Casino deals – be sure to check the site for deals!