The Panorama Restaurant – Banff, Alberta

We were staying the night in Banff and decided we wanted to experience Alpine Lights Mountaintop Dining Experience that was at the Panorama Restaurant at the top of Sulphur Mountain. With this reservation, you get a free gondola ride up to the top and as it’s winter time, you do get a free ride down the mountain afterwards as well!

We were seated by the window and enjoyed beautiful views of the town of Banff and the restaurant itself was quite beautiful! The staff was friendly, the food was wonderful, it truly was a great dining experience!

It was a set dinner that came with this experience and they start you off with some delicious bread! It was actually really tasty and the butter they infused was also quite delightful!

We then got their House Salad which was extremely fresh and delicious! The dressing was perfect, although a little bit over dressed! It was quite tasty for a salad and very interesting and colourful!

Then, the main course was their Prime Rib which was a huge piece of perfectly cooked prime rib and it wasn’t too fatty or anything! It was delicious and we devoured the entire piece of prime rib and potato!

To top off the evening, we got a Cheesecake for dessert and it was really light and creamy! It wasn’t overly sweet or too rich – so it was really how we like our cheesecakes to taste!

Overall, this experience was truly one to remember for a lifetime! The scene was magnificent, the ride of the gondola was quite the experience in the dark going down, and the food was perfectly cooked and presented beautifully. The service was pretty good as well. I think you get a great meal out of this experience and should try it!

Panorama Restaurant – Top of Sulphur Mountain

100 Mountain Ave
Banff, AB
(403) 762-2523

The Summit Cafe – Banff, Alberta

This is the cafe located on the top of Sulphur Mountain where you can either take their Gondola up to the top or you can hike the trail. This cafe is called The Summit Cafe and it’s pretty spacious in size with spectacular views. We’ve been here twice now and we love having their specialty coffee’s and just relaxing by the window, soaking in the views. The coffee is just from a hot chocolate machine but it’s really delicious.

We did order an order of Onion Rings which was fried when you order them. They smelled amazing and they tasted really good as well. Fresh, crispy and tasty! Not much more you need!

Overall, we’ve enjoyed our experience here and we’re thinking about coming up here more often. Our first hike up the mountain to the cafe was almost 4 hours as we took lots of breaks. This time, we took just under 2.5 hours which is amazing! Soon, we can get up the mountain, have some treat and make it back down in a nick of time!

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The Summit Cafe – Sulphur Mountain

Mountain Avenue
Banff, AB