Sumo Grill Japanese Restaurant – Calgary, Alberta

We didn’t know where we wanted to go for dinner this one evening, but we were checking some stuff out over at Sundridge Mall in the Northeast where we saw Sumo Grill Japanese Restaurant and figured I haven’t been here in ages, we would come back – remembering it was decent food. We did come closer to closing time, but when we were done, they closed the gate off and wouldn’t let us go back through the mall, so we walked back in to take a picture.

This restaurant is ran by Chinese people, so it’s not authentic. We weren’t actually hungry so we decided to order a Sushi and Sashimi Combo which had 7 pieces of sashimi, 5 pieces of sushi, a California roll and 2 pieces of house special rolls. The quality was decent!

Then, we decided we wanted a bowl of udon, and decided we’d do something a little different – so we got their Spicy Chicken Udon which was really different. It reminded us of a Chinese dish, but just using udon noodles. It was tasty actually! They used ground chicken which was interesting as it fell to the bottom of the soup.

Overall, a decent experience. We don’t have much complaints and the nice thing it’s in the mall – which would be ideal for cold days! But, they close the gate before the mall closes.

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Sumo Grill Japanese Restaurant – Sunridge Mall

2525 36 St NE
Calgary, AB
(403) 568-6886

Zellers Family Restaurant – Sundridge Mall

We got up early and we drove to Sunridge Mall just go to go to the Zellers diner which I was told it was the last one in the city that was opened now. When I was young, my mom use to take me to the exact same location for breakfast – so it was neat going back to the original diner I tried years ago. We actually got there right when they take the breakfast menu away, so I ordered Z’s Mile High burger with fries.

The burger was made of juicy beef burger topped with bacon, cheddar and swiss cheese, bbq sauce, onion right, with veggies. The burger was really tasty as the patty was actually really juicy – slathered with BBQ sauce. Then, as you can see in the picture, the burger was topped with a mile high of the condiments and the difference of texture of the onion right has taken this burger over the top! I love eating burgers and this one is one of the better ones. Too bad eventually this restaurant will be closing. On a happier note, my husband ordered a plate of Breaded Pork Cutlet which he enjoyed thoroughly!

This plate of food was a pork cutlet crusted with savoury schnitzel breading, with a side of mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables. The pork cutlet breading was packed with tons of flavour, and even though it was a thin piece of pork, it wasn’t dry at all! It was quite enjoyable! Then, there is nothing I love more than mashed potatoes and gravy – so that was a plus on the plate. The mixed vegetables was cooked until the life was taken from the vegetables, as the didn’t even hold their shape anymore and the colours was completely pale. It was the only thing left on both of our plates at the end of our meal! Not bad!