Bellagio Cafe 鹿港小镇 – Shanghai, China

We ventured to the Super Brand Mall in Shanghai and found a great place for dinner called Bellagio Cafe and it’s located on the 8th Floor of the mall and relatively easy to find! It’s closer to the IMAX, if it helps! 🙂

We ordered a bunch of dishes and shared it, Asian style! We first started with their Black Pepper Beef on Iron Plate which smelled and tasted absolutely amazing! The amount of pepper used was the perfect amount on beautifully tender pieces of beef!

We also tried Steamed Shrimp with Garlic and I know it doesn’t sound too appetizing, but it was absolutely amazing! The shrimp was really fresh and steamed to perfection. Tons of garlic on top of the shrimp – so luckily we all had at least one piece!

From there, with us being so Asian, we ordered some rice, Taiwanese Fried Rice, and it’s quite different from the fried rice that I’m use to! It is very similar, but different! Usually the main difference between Chinese fried rice and Taiwanese fried rice will be in the egg cooking format. Chinese will basically make scrambled eggs or an omelette first, while the Taiwanese will crack the raw egg into the fried rice and then mix it up.

A very traditional and popular Taiwanese dish is the Three cup chicken (三杯鸡) which is made with 1 cup soy sauce, 1 cup rice wine and 1 cup sesame oil. This recipe will make TONS of chicken, so it’s nice to modify it and Bellagio Cafe definitely modifies it and adds other ingredients such as ginger and basil into the dish to make it extra special!

My husband actually has Hakka ancestors so it was neat to him to find a dish done in this style. When he saw Hakka Stir Fry Dried Squid an Celery he ordered it! It is exactly as it sounds! Most of Taiwanese cooking is derived from 3 simple ingredients, and this dish shows the simplicity of their cooking with rice wine, soy sauce and some sugar! This dish was so simple yet so delicious!

We actually ordered a dessert or 2 for this meal, and the most memorable dessert was their Mango Pancake which was a mango crepe that was really thin around some light cream with some mango inside. It was light and airy and actually kind of refreshing! We really enjoyed this and I ate up my husbands half of the dessert! 🙂

Overall, we loved this place and it’s a place we would recommend for Taiwanese food! It’s neat to see Shanghai has different types of Asian cuisine and it’s actually done properly! The food, service and atmosphere ranks top notch for sure!

Zhang Sheng Ji Restaurant 张生记酒家 – Shanghai, China

We had a little adventure and went to Shanghai, China where we ate a lot! We ate at a restaurant called Zhang Sheng Ji inside the Super Brand Mall on the 6th floor! The food was Shanghai style and it was quite delicious! It was a restaurant that was one of our friends favourite, so she was really excited to take us there!

We didn’t eat a lot this evening as we just got off the plane and was quite tired. We did start with a soup of Bamboo Shoot and Pork Soup and it was really nice after a long day on a plane! The flavours were well developed and it was quite tasty!

One of my favourite dishes is the Squirrel Fish which is a deep fried fish deboned from head to tail (but in tacked) and fried with a pattern to look like a squirrel! It is often a sweet and tangy flavour so you’ll often find pineapple and tomato ketchup with the fish. This one had the sweet and tangy sauce, I don’t recall pineapples, but it was absolutely delicious!

We also had their Sheng Jian Bao which is a pork bun that is pan fried. These buns are steamed with a light and fluffy top and a delicious crispy golden pan fried bottom. These ones were stuffed with delicious pork, kind of like a pot-sticker filling! These were definitely made to perfection, tasty and juicy on the inside too!

Overall, this was a great place that was recommended! I did want to go back, but there were so many other new and exciting places to try, in and around the area (even in the mall!)

Zhang Sheng Ji Restaurant 张生记酒家

Super Brand Mall Shanghai China
6F West Zone 42-43

10:00 A.M.——22:00 P.M.(Monday – Sunday)