Wendy’s – Fresh Made Salads

I always have amazing opportunities to try new things and this time, I am at my local fast food restaurant Wendys trying their fresh-made salads. Salads I must admit is something I never order… but I figured I should and I’m glad I did. I tried their BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad in their half size (which was still a large portion). It’s quite hearty and really fresh. The BBQ Ranch dressing is a little on the saltier side, so I would advise to put some dressing in and try it – add more if needed. This amazing little salad was really filling as it was topped with fire-roasted corn, applewood smoked bacon, warm, and grilled chicken.

The other salad we got was their Taco Supermo Salad also in half size. This one, my husband really loved as he loves Wendy’s chili and tacos with salsa and sour cream. This amazing salad was a bed of fresh greens topped with their famous chili, shredded cheddar cheese, diced tomatoes, chunky salsa, sour cream, yellow corn tortilla which added a nice crunch.

For people who don’t actually eat a lot of salads – especially going out and purchasing one, Wendy’s salads have never left our mind as we often talk about trying more of their salads – but we’re stuck on the Taco Supermo salad.