Leo Burrito Tacos – Radium Hot Springs, BC

We didn’t know what to eat during out trip out to Radium, BC and we decided to eat at Leo Burrito Tacos just off of the highway. It’s really easy to find, but the parking lot is a little small.

I ate their Pork Taco which was sold individually and it’s pretty small. This taco basically has pulled pork, some salsa and pickled onion. The evening we went, they were out of pineapple salsa which was the one it’s suppose to come with – but I got mango salsa instead. It was a good taco and very fresh. The meat was tender and juicy.

As my taco was a little small, I ordered a side of Leo Gems which was basically tatertots. It looks like it comes in a small bowl, but there’s actually lots of Leo Gems hiding in the bowl! They were fried really nicely as it was still crispy when we got to the end.

My husband ordered the 12″ King Kong which was a giant burrito which had all my husbands favourites for a burrito: slow cooked beef, cheese and sour cream!

This trip, I went with my sister and her husband. My brother in law enjoyed a salad while my sister had a Suzy Q Burrito which was a good sized burrito stuffed with roasted bell peppers, mushrooms and guacamole!

Overall, this little restaurant was really quite good! It was relatively cheap, the portions was quite reasonable for burritos and Leo gems and the best thing was the food was extremely fresh and delicious! Another great thing about here is their opened late!

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Leo Burrito Tacos

4951 Hwy 93
Radium Hot Springs, BC
(778) 527-4999