Twinings – Royal Wedding Commemorative Blend Tea

So, I’ve had this tea for a while and tried it awhile ago, but I figured I’d say something about it since I started talking about it a while ago as well! This tea actually is really light and floral as of most white teas – this one is actually called special edition White Earl Grey!! I love this tin that holds the tea bags in, and the best part was inside the tin holds the box of tea bags – so the tin was actually clean!

It’s a tea that you don’t need to steep too long as it is quite delicate. I had this tea in a cup – as is (no milk, cream, sugar, honey or anything!) and it was really good! All I did was just place the tea bag into a cup, and pour boiling water on top! It’s simple and delicious!

This tea, it says it’s made of a blend of white tea, with the flavours of bergamot and rose petals – and you can definitely tell it’s floral once the tea steeps up with a hint of citrus from the bergamot! If you ask me, it almost has a slight ginger taste and smell to it which made this tea really relaxing and comforting on the cold evening I had it on.

Second Cup – Maple Tea

Tea’s have been becoming more and more popular, and special flavours that are offered year round is no exception. Now that spring is here, Second Cup has put out a neat new Maple Tea made with Rooibos tea with the delicious aroma of warm maple syrup.

This option is Caffeine-free and Rainforest Alliance Certifiedâ„¢, so not only does it taste good, it’s kind of good for the environment too! The colour that infused out of the Maple Tea Bag is really quite pretty, and the scent definitely smells like maple. It’s delicious as is or with a tad of honey!

Be sure to try the Second Cup’s Maple Latte if you’re looking for a fantastic latte with sweet maple flavours!

Second Cup – Honey Vanilla Tea Latte

I recently stopped into my favourite Second Cup and they had a new seasonal drink called Honey Vanilla Tea Latte. I really love this drink as I do like the taste of vanilla in my coffees or teas! This Honey Vanilla Tea Latte was made with English Breakfast tea steeped with vanilla and honey and finished with creamy microfoam.

The picture doesn’t do it’s justice, but it was quite a delicate drink! It was similar to their London Fog Tea, but better!! I think it is the honey that really elevates this drink to a whole new level! I sometimes find the regular London Fog just lacks a bit of flavour – which is probably why I really like the Christmas Holiday London Fog Latte too!