Oodle Noodles – Edmonton, AB

During one of our visits to Edmonton, I had an ex-coworker to me to try Oodle Noodles as she really enjoyed it. It’s very similar to our Wok Box, which has been something I liked for the convenience, but it’s not “authentic” and it seems to be the same story here as well.

Once inside the restaurant, there’s a giant menu that you pick from and then you walk up to the cashier, put in your order and pay for it. They have an open kitchen concept so you get to watch them make your food – which is pretty exciting! I love watching my food get made!

I ordered their Special Box with chicken as it sounded most interesting to me. Its thick noodles that I love with chicken and pineapples mixed with a sweet spicy sauce. It was really good as I love sweet, with spicy in my savoury dishes!

We also ordered their Thousand Year Flavour with beef, and they make it with the thick noodles and black bean sauce with ginger and vegetables. It was pretty flavourful for sure! Not a bad place to go pick up some quick Asian style food!

Overall experience was fun, but it’s something I’m not use to doing – however tons of other people seemed to enjoy it a whole lot more than myself. I think it has something to do with me being able to make it at home. I do prefer this over a mall’s food court though! 🙂

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Oodle Noodle

10009 170 St NW
Edmonton, AB
(780) 930-1884