Tokyo Noodle Shop – Edmonton, Alberta

We take random trips out to Edmonton and this particular afternoon we were there and found ourselves at Old Stratcona area fueling up. We decided to eat something before the drive home for the evening, so this was an early dinner when we went downstairs to Tokyo Noodle Shop. It was a busy Saturday night as the place was half full, not sure if everyone else is doing what we’re doing or what’s going on but it was a lively place!

I ordered their Chicken Ramen which the waitress said it comes the way it looks in the picture when I asked if there was corn in the ramen. I know it sounds strange, but I do like corn! The chicken ramen wasn’t bad, a nicely grilled piece of chicken that sits on top of the soup with a generous portion of noodles and toppings!

The other noodle we ordered, they called it Deluxe Udon, which was a bowl of udon with chicken and crabsticks and it also came with shrimp tempura.

The Shrimp Tempera that came with the Deluxe Udon was pretty decent! The shrimp was clean with a good texture and it was perfectly fried to a nice light crisp.

Overall, we enjoyed our dinner here. It was fun to see the beautiful presentation that they have for the customers that order sushi. They really take pride in the work they do, and it does show!

Tokyo Noodle Shop

10736 82 Ave NW,
Edmonton, AB
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Menyatai Japanese Noodles – Calgary, Alberta

I recently wasn’t feeling too great and all I really wanted was a bowl of noodle soup. I was expecting something a little more bland but we pulled up to Menyatai Japanese Ramen where I couldn’t decline the offer to eat here as I’ve been meaning to try here for awhile now.

Once inside, it’s a small but cute location where the staff is friendly and authentic! We were excited to be here so I ordered their Miso Ramen. I’ve tried a few in the city so it’s fair that I order this to compare! I found that the ramen had a great texture, the soup was fantastic and the piece of pork was amazing! This miso ramen has just found it’s way to the top of my list in Calgary so far! Pretty exciting news!

We also ordered a bowl of Beef Udon which is another one of our favourites to order when at a Japanese restaurant. Although the udon and the beef was excellent, it wasn’t any different that can set itself above anyone. Definitely not a bad bowl though! The beef taste in the broth was amazing, the bee was tender and delicious and the udon texture was really good.

We added an upgrade to one of our meals by having their Inari Set which basically comes with 2 pieces of inari and I love them, so we figured we’d go for it. It was good, no complaints – although we thought it was weird as it didn’t come with wasabi or soy sauce. So, we just ate it plain.

The overall experience was amazing. Even though I was sick the food tasted great and the staff was amazing. The prices seem costly but the portions are massive and the food was perfect. The location is tucked off the main street, but there’s quite a bit of street parking available.

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Menyatai Japanese Ramen

24-12 St NW
Calgary, AB
(403) 263-3666

Soban – Whitecourt, Alberta

Whitecourt was where we decided to stopover during our little road trip. We got checked in and went out to find some food. We found Soban Restaurant as I had noodle soup in mind — and they would have udon or something! This restaurant was in one of the back streets but not tucked away on that street that offered Korean and Japanese cuisine.

We were the only tables there and we saw a few people do take out meals which was pretty neat as it was quite late and people still order out! We started with Edamame which was a big plate, and pretty good!

We both ordered udon, we got their Shrimp Udon which was actually tempura shrimp with udon and it was pretty good! It came in large bowls and they both started with a salad.

The other bowl of udon we got was their Beef Udon and yes, the picture doesn’t do its justice, but it was actually really good! The beef, they used their Korean Bulgogi beef for it and it worked perfectly!

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed our evening meal! It hit the spot and it was just good!

Soban on Urbanspoon


5003 – 50 Street
Whitecourt, AB
(780) 778-5225

Shikiji Japanese Noodles and Sushi Calgary

Japanese food and cuisine in general has always been a favourite of mine – always! I go for Japanese things for great times only – mostly in celebration for something. However, once in awhile, all I want is a great bowl of Japanese noodles, and I’m glad I found Shikiji Japanese Noodles and Sushi even though I’ve only tried their noodles so far!

This restaurant is located right on 16th Avenue and it’s not hard to find. Parking can be trickier, but I just park in the residential areas and walk over (but be careful with the parking permit zones). The restaurant interior is quite dark, but it’s still really comfortable! The staff was really nice and friendly, and the food was relatively quick and delicious. We didn’t have anything fancy to drink as we came here on New Years Eve and we knew there would be check stops everywhere. We just ordered Green Tea which is the usual drink for me when I go to a Japanese restaurant!

We started the evening with a simple appetizer, the Tako Yaki, and basically it’s just a ball of pieces of octopus that is deep fried! It’s an amazing snack/treat! These often come with a sauce that is drizzled on top of the takoyaki’s, and this appetizer was excellent! I really enjoy watching the dancing bonito flakes too – as they tend to wave around when they touch hot foods, and they’re so thin that any breeze/draft will make them wiggle! 🙂 Anyway, these tako yaki’s was stuffed with pieces of octopus with a really nice batter – and deep fried to a delicate crisp!

I ordered a bowl of Shio Ramen which was a large bowl of ramen noodles in a light salt soup base with nice fatty BBQ pork (which I picked), and some veggies. It had a little bowl on the side where I could mix up some toppings for my noodles as well! I liked the fun and interactive way to customize my meal! The ramen had a nice chewy bite and the delicious fatty BBQ pork was nothing less than perfect! I would totally ask for more pork and just pay extra!

My other half ordered something quite fancy actually!! His had an interactive element to his dish as well. He ordered Hot Shikiji Udon which was a bowl of udon noodles with some tempura shrimp, and tons of little things on top that was fried (which added tons of texture to the bowl of noodles), and on the side was a little flask of soup that you pour into the bowl yourself. There was also a quails egg where you can put in the noodle which adds a nice creaminess to the dish. It was neat bowl of udon as the soup hit the fried croutons and bean curds – it really thickened up the soup – making it extremely hearty and filling!

Dinner was awesome, and even though we were sooo stuffed, we still decided to have some dessert. We ended splitting a scoop of Green Tea Gelato which was absolutely refreshing and helped me digest actually! I didn’t feel nearly as stuffed after the gelato – which sounds really odd, I know!

It was a perfect way to end the year, and I’ll be back, as it’s the perfect way to end any day! Even though I know they’re opened for lunch, I think because the portions are so large, it’s a dinner place in my mind! I’ll also have to go back anyway to try their sushi and other noodles! I can’t wait!!

Shikiji Japanese Noodles and Sushi on Urbanspoon

Shikiji Japanese Noodles and Sushi

1608 Centre St N
Calgary, AB T2E
(403) 520-0093

Chaya – Banff, Alberta

If you’re looking for the best Japanese place to eat in Banff, look no further. Chaya is owned an operated by Japanese owners, so you definitely know the food is authentic. I love going to Chaya as they have great udon noodles! I normally order a chicken udon, as that is my ultimate favourite dish from Chaya! It is really infused with great flavours in both the chicken and the stock they use for the soup!

The location is quite small, so I recommend going right when they open (at 11am) or right after the lunch rush! It’s quite often they would have Japanese tours going in there for a quick bite!

They offer a huge variety of Japanese cuisine, and besides udon, we really like the soba and the rice don. This location is tucked and hidden beside McDonalds right on Main Street and is often missed. But, keep your eye open for Chaya and enjoy their food! Their dishes are slightly on the expensive side, but it’s well worth it!


118 Banff av
Banff, AB
(403) 760-0882