Windsor Lounge – Waterton, Alberta

During our stay at the Prince of Wales hotel, we ate dinner in our hotel. Although we wanted to eat in their main dining room, we never made reservations and it was busy as it was their last week opened there – so we ended up finding a table at the Windsor Lounge where we got a wonderful window seat and enjoyed the sunset.

I ordered their Grilled Bangers and Mash but because it was pretty much their closing day, they had no more bangers so they gave me amazing bison meatballs instead of grilled bison sausage. The meatballs and mash potatoes were amazing, the flavour of the glaze/sauce was a mustard sauce which was amazing with the bison!

My husband ordered their Shepard’s Pie which was made of ground lamb and beef stew topped with mashed potatoes and then baked. It really was amazing as it sounds as well as the lamb was really tastefully prepared.

We shared our table with a German couple which was a neat highlight of our experience as we shared stories of traveling and history – it was neat. Together, we enjoyed the magnificent sunset which I had to capture – and now share!

After everything was all said and done, we really wanted to enjoy some dessert while the German couple enjoyed another beer! We had the Saskatoon Berry Strudel which was Saskatoon berries in a flaky pastry dough. It was pretty amazing although you can’t see the berry mixture in the picture.

Overall, an amazing dining experience. We had a fantastic time. The food was delicious, the prices were reasonable, and the service was great! But, the view and the experience was truly once in a lifetime!

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Windsor Lounge – Prince of Wales Waterton Park

Glacier Park Inc., Box 33
Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta

Wieners of Waterton – Waterton, Alberta

During our first visit to Waterton, Alberta we drove by Wieners of Waterton and we knew if we were to come back, this would be a place we go eat at. So, we stopped in for a small snack to share as we already had some dinner plans. This was a small and busy little joint, but the food is worth the wait!

We ordered Jalapeno Cheddar Wiener with gingered carrots and pickled onions. As strange as that sounds, it was actually quite tasty! I even deicded I would start making some gingered carrots to put on my sandwiches as a condiment!

While we were here, we had an order of Fried Pickles which was really nicely fried and the texture was amazing! Salty, dilly, with a nice crisp – and a nice batter that they use to fry the pickles! We got it with a side of Peppercorn Ranch sauce but we didn’t need anything as it was awesome alone!

We really saw why this place is a local favourite. The food was fresh and amazing – we saw them take buns out of the oven, so we know everything is made in house! The bun was amazing as it held up to the wiener without falling apart with condiments. Flavours were great, and it wasn’t priced badly either! A great snack stop for sure!

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Wieners of Waterton

301 Windflower Ave
Waterton, AB
(403) 859-0007