Gus’s Corner Restaurant – Drumheller, AB

We made it to Drumheller again as we really like going to Royal Tyrrell Museum and usually when we go there, we need to eat, either before or after we go to the museum. This time, we decided to stop at Gus’s Corner Restaurant basically located in their downtown. It’s pretty easy to find with lots of parking.

For this dinner, we had ordered their House Lasagna which came in a big individual sized dish with layers of lasagna and baked to awesome! This lasagna had tons of meat sauce and cheese throughout, and of course cheese on top.

We also ordered their Chicken Club Wrap with crispy fried chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomato and cheese in a wrap, served with fries on the side. The fried chicken was really good – not greasy but crispy and juicy! It was quite a refreshing wrap and I enjoyed it!

Overall, we had a magnificent time here! The food was great, the service was minimal, but we didn’t need anything. The prices were at par with other places around town – so we had no complaints!

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Gus’s Corner Restaurant

15 3 Ave W
Drumheller, AB
(403) 823-5440