T.Pot China Bistro

One of my favorite Chinese places to go to would be T.Pot China Bistro. I like it there so much, I actually got married there.

Sure, the food is a little costlier, but the food tastes good, and they have a good standard for quality and taste. Have you been to a restaurant, where you only go if one specific chef was there? Well, you don’t have to here!!

T.Pot is quite far from where I live, but I enjoy the trip there — and best of all, when I’m all stuffed, I get to go grocery shopping at T&T!

Some of my most favorite dishes from here would be the Shrimp with Mayonnaise and Broccoli. I don’t know what it is, but I really like it! 🙂 I’m sure I can make it at home too, but I just don’t want too! They have quite a wide selection of good food on their menu – be sure to check it out for yourself!

  • T.Pot Appetizers
  • T.Pot China Bistro Menu
  • T.Pot Shrimp with Mayonnaise and Broccoli
  • T.Pot Garlic Gai Lan
  • T.Pot Beef Dish
  • T.Pot White Rice
  • T.Pot Sweet and Sour Pork
  • T.Pot Free Range Chicken
  • T.Pot Dessert

T.Pot China Bistro

100 – 9650 Harvest Hills Blvd. NE
Calgary, AB T3K
(403) 532-3982

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Roy’s Waikiki Beach – Honolulu, Hawaii

We were on our honeymoon and we’ve always wanted to eat here — especially after watching “At the table with…” on the food network.

We made ourselves a nice reservation, and we were so happy we did. The environment was amazing, our server was knowledgeable and helpful, and best of all… the food was wonderful!!! It really made the dinner experience come together.

You must try Roy’s Melting Hot Chocolate Soufflé: Raspberry Coulis, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, since it was magical!!! The food was cooked to perfection as everything else was!!

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  • Roy's - Honolulu (Hawaii Kai)
  • Roy's Seared Tuna
  • Roy's Shrimp
  • Roy's Melting Hot Chocolate Souffle

Roy’s – Honolulu (Hawaii Kai)

6600 Kalanianaole Highway
Honolulu, HI 96825
(808) 396-7697

Ronald Nasuti – Chef Partner

Mirage Volcano Las Vegas

We walked the strip, and the funny thing is.. we finally set a tripod up at 11PM at the rail of Las Vegas’s Mirage to “hopefully” take a nice video shot of the Volcano eruption.

We waited for about 35 minutes, and couldn’t understand why no one else was getting ready to watch the next Mirage Volcano eruption show, until we finally decided to walk away as well. Just as we walked about 20 steps over, we saw a nice sign that read “last eruption at 11PM” Oh well.

After dinner the following evening, we decided to go find ourselves a nice spot to definitely catch the Volcano eruption and I’m sure glad I did. It is quite different from when I was young — and that eruption show. I’m not too sure which one I like more, but here’s the one we took. Who knows, maybe 10 years from now, this will be the old eruption video! 🙂

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Jean Philippe Patisserie – Las Vegas, Nevada

Walking through ARIA Resort, we were greeted by Jean Philippe Patisserie each time we went to and from the casino to the elevators to get to our suite. Seeing the delicate cakes, chocolates, gelato, mini wedding cakes and much much more, I knew I would have to stop by and enjoy some of his treats.

We tried a Vanilla Flan as well as Tiramisu, with iced coffee and we fell in love with the desserts from Jean Philippe. We couldn’t stop thinking about the desserts we have purchased, and we decided to get more the following evening.

The next round, we had a strawberry tart as well as a carrot cake, with chai tea latte. Again, it was really tasty. The strawberries here at home are far from sweet, red and ripe but the strawberries on the strawberry tart was sweet and tasty! The pastry from the tart was really flaky, and it had a hint of almond and pistachios taste to it. It was really delicate, and flavorful, yet not overwhelmed by sweetness.

The carrot cake was one of my favorites. The carrot cake itself was embedded in cheesecake, which was light, soft, creamy and smooth. The carrot cake was excellent as well. The delicate decorations on top of the cake really topped it off. These were one of the best desserts we have had in awhile! I have nothing but great things to say about it.

The neatest part, all the little fine details on the cakes and pastries itself… they’re actually edible! I thought the bottom of the carrot cake was a wrap or something, but it was a really delicate piece of chocolate!

Sure, upfront, $6.00 for a pastry/cake could seem like a lot, but to taste such impressive french pastries and mini cakes really made it worth while!!