Forbidden City Dinner

If you’re looking for a place that has Chinese food, with elegance, and sophistication, Forbidden City offers that along with great food. Be sure to join Forbidden City for dinner!

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Forbidden City Hot Pot

Forbidden City is a good place to go for good Chinese food. Forbidden City offers hot pot during the winter months, which is about $23/adult, and it is an “All You Can Eat” hot pot. I believe they start offering hot pot from November until the end of April.

We get to go there for dinner and dim sum a lot as my family enjoys the food there. I enjoy the food as well. The service, I think it’s good, but I’ve heard quite a lot of “poor service” stories, and that may be because we’re just familiar customers to them.

Here are some pictures from Hot Pot during the winter:

  • Hot Pot Utensils
  • Hot Pot Sauces
  • Hot Pot: Cuttlefish Balls, Deep Fried Fish Balls, Imitation Crab Meat
  • Hot Pot at Forbidden City Calgary
  • Hot Pot: Beef Slices
  • Hot Pot: Deep Fried Donut with Shrimp Paste
  • Hot Pot: Fatty Pork Slices - stomach
  • Hot Pot: Cuttlefish
  • Hot Pot: Cooked vermicelli  with Chinese Mushroom

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Forbidden City Dim Sum & Seafood

999 36 St NE
Calgary, AB T2A
(403) 250-1848

Monday – Thursday 10AM – 10PM;
Friday 10AM – 11PM;
Saturday 9:30AM – 11PM;
Sunday 9:30AM – 10PM

Forbidden City Dim Sum & Seafood

Dim sum at Forbidden City really is quite excellent. Sure, it costs more than almost all the places in Calgary, but it’s got really good quality dim sum in the city.

The service is alright, they do not use the old fashion steam carts that they push around anymore — probably for safety reasons. Here, they give you a form, and you mark own what you want, and they’ll bring you just that. It’s quite different than traditional dim sum, and the actual food is quite special as well.

Sometimes, I do miss the old fashion style, because.. even if you’re not hungry, and something looks or smells extra delicious, you’d get it. Now, you just eat what you ordered. I guess it’s good if you’re limiting yourself, but it doesn’t allow you to try new things that you wouldn’t have thought of while sitting down and marking your little sheet. Regardless, I really like it here! On weekends, be prepared to wait outside as the lines usually get quite long!

  • Forbidden City Fried Squid
  • Forbidden City Beef Balls
  • Forbidden City BBQ Pork bun
  • Forbidden City Tripe
  • Forbidden City Shrimp dumplings
  • Forbidden City Pork Dumpling
  • Forbidden City Beef
  • Forbidden City Spare Ribs
  • Forbidden City Rice Crepes

Forbidden City Dim Sum & Seafood on Urbanspoon

Forbidden City Dim Sum & Seafood

999 36 St NE
Calgary, AB T2A
(403) 250-1848

Monday – Thursday 10AM – 10PM;
Friday 10AM – 11PM;
Saturday 9:30AM – 11PM;
Sunday 9:30AM – 10PM

Chop Steakhouse & Bar (Chinook) – Calgary, Alberta

We arrived at CHOP the other night for a celebration of ours. We were super excited to try an upscale steak house, which was true!

We arrived about 6pm, and it was starting to get busy, but we were lucky and was able to grab a table. The atmosphere was really quite warm, and modern! It is a family friendly location, as well as it can be romantic as well as business gathering — really quite a versatile atmosphere!

We ordered the catch of the day, which turned out to be this wonderful piece of white fish, with sesame crust in a ginger soy sauce. It really was quite tasty.

We also ordered a piece of medium-rare prime rib, which was also tasty and tender.

As this was “celebration” night, we also ended the evening with a dessert. We ordered the Fallen Chocolate Souffle Cake and it was not good. This didn’t end our evening well. The chocolate fondant was extremely hard, and the layer underneath it was a strange marshmallow layer – which was suppose to be
mascarpone mousse. It didn’t look like a souffle, fallen or not, and it didn’t taste good either.

Chop Steakhouse & Bar

6605 Macleod Tr SW
Calgary, AB T2H

Fentons Creamery & Restaurant – Oakland, California

Going to California, we like to go for ice cream, especially during the hot summer days. We accidentally found Fentons, and after mentioning it to family and friends… I guess we’re the last to know about this awesome place!

When we found Fentons, it was an “in between” meal, so we came in for a snack. Our snack, we shared a Half Crab Sandwich Combo which was half a crab meat sandwich which was really fresh and delicious.

You really tasted the crab, and the sandwich plus condiments didn’t take away from the fresh crab flavour.

For dessert, we shared a seasonal ice cream, which was blood orange ice cream and we topped it off with melted marshmallows and it wasn’t too sweet or anything. It was in perfect harmony — one of the best ice cream desserts we ever had! I think just to try new things, we’ll always try whatever is on their seasonal menu.. so, you know it’s in season!

Fentons Creamery & Restaurant

4226 Piedmont Ave
Oakland, CA 94611