Aspen Crossing – Mossleigh, AB

We found ourselves looking at old wooden grain elevators lately, and we landed at Mossleigh, Alberta. From there, we realized that there was a dining room located inside an old 1887 Pullman Dining Car so we knew we had to seek this opportunity out! It’s at a place called Aspen Crossing which is also a hotel in Caboose Cabins or a Camp/RV parking. Right on their property was what I was looking for at the side of the parking lot – the dining car!

Without question, I knew this was where I wanted to eat. We hopped on-board and realized it was their Sunday Brunch Buffet which was fine with me! There were tons of tables that was reserved and when we left, the place was pretty much packed inside the dining car.

This was a great buffet, it had tons of fresh food, ranging from fresh biscuits with your typical breakfast items like sausage, bacon and eggs. Then, as it was a brunch buffet, they had special items like perogies and beef ribs! It was a buffet that is well worth it!

Overall, I’m in love with this dining car! I will go back and try their dinner theatre or their dinner buffets! The food, service and atmosphere was fantastic here! I loved every moment of this experience and I can’t wait to tell people about it!

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Aspen Crossing

Box 30
Mossleigh, AB
(403) 534-2129

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