Auditorium Cafe – Nanton, Alberta

We were driving through Nanton to get to Lethbridge one afternoon when we decided we wanted to stop at the Auditorium Hotel in Nanton and eat breakfast at the Auditorium Cafe which was a neat rustic little cafe!

We decided we would get 2 items, one small item and one larger item to split as we didn’t want to be too stuffed for a car ride! We decided we would have their Toasted Cinnamon Bun which was pretty decent in size!

We also ordered Biscuits and Gravy which are items we don’t usually order – but there were other customers in the restaurant that looked like regulars ordering this! So, we had to try it! It was actually really delicious and better than it looks! They used the sausage white gravy with the biscuits underneath to sock in the gravy!

To our shock, the food was amazing, the service was friendly and the location was historic. It’s definitely got the small town charm that I love!

Auditorium Cafe – Auditorium Hotel

2011 20 Avenue
Nanton, Alberta