BKH Jerky

I watch Dragons Den on TV with my husband, and I love Beef Jerky. When I heard about the Dragons liking BKH Jerky I knew if and when I go west, I would have to give this jerky a try! So, we got our act together one afternoon and made it to BKH Jerky for fresh jerky!

The store was located at:
BKH Jerky
3201 Fraser St
Vancouver, BC

It wasn’t too hard to find, but we did have a GPS with us. The hours they are opened are from Tues-Sun 10-6 and
Monday/Holidays 11-5. They are decent hours and we got there at 3pm on a Monday, and there was no one there. We asked for a bag of Pork jerky and a bag of Beef jerky, and they got it fresh from the back… and then vacuumed sealed the package closed for us! We were excited as there were some that were already pre-packaged!

We didn’t actually have time to eat the Jerky while we were in Vancouver. We brought them home before we enjoyed them. We started with the Pork Jerky which we really liked. The texture was amazing, and there was a hint of smoky taste that we loved. The jerky was really tender, and it was just amazing!

The Beef Jerky, we had high hopes for. At the end of the session, we all felt the pork jerky was just a little bit better. The flavours are so good, and the freshness really makes a huge difference! The store does nothing besides make jerky and I wish they were in action – making the jerky while we were there, but it’s alright! We love this place and next time, I will bring some home to give to people!