Bliss & Co Cupcakes and Desserts

I had to give Bliss & Co Cupcakes and Desserts a try when my friends, and friends of friends say a place is good! It’s definitely not bad for a dessert/cupcake place with the convenience of a mall location. However, it doesn’t taste nearly as fresh as cupcakes from an actual cupcake bakery… and we have so many of those around the city!! It’s a good place to go if you’re really craving one and you just happen to be at Chinook Centre. The wonderful thing about Bliss is that they are Peanut Free which opens the door to MANY customers!

I found the icing to be hard – which makes me think “old” (sitting out all day)… which is the strangest thing as they seem to sell out of their cupcakes nightly. I love cupcakes and I haven’t been successful at making my own yet, but this one just doesn’t seem to satisfy me to the point of complete satisfaction. However, as mentioned – if I needed to fulfill my craving right then and there, it’ll do just fine! I’ve tried a few flavours in search of a better one, and from the list of strawberry, caramel bliss, after eight and island dream, my favourite would be After Eight as mint chocolate cupcakes is a fail proof combination. I was hoping that Island Dream would rank top, but it was just greasy tasting! 🙁

I do have pictures, somewhere… I’ll post them when I find them! 🙂

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Bliss & Co Cupcakes and Desserts

Chinook Centre 6455 Macleod Trail SW
Calgary, AB T2H0K5
(403) 281-8821

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  1. hmm.. weird, in Edmonton, the Bliss cupcakes in the malls are the opposite – the cupcake part is usually dry and crumbley, while the icing is teeth hurtingly sweet, fluffy and awesome for a quick sugar fix… and they burn thru the cupcakes like crazy, so not sure why the cupcake part is so dry and the icing is fresh. Need to steal the cupcakes from calgary LOL!

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