Brewsters Brewing Company – Airdrie, AB

I love nothing more than sitting on a patio having snacks midday, and on this perfect afternoon, I got to do that at Brewsters Brewing Company out in Airdrie where I did absolutely nothing but enjoy my company and the weather!

The patio was really large and quite comfortable. The service was terrific and the food was really awesome as well. We had some appetizers basically as it was a midday snack that turned into having leftovers for dinner as I couldn’t finish everything. We ordered their Short Rib & Crispy Onion Pizza which was a large “individual” pizza topped with braised short rib, crispy onions, bacon, mozzarella, banana peppers and horseradish aioli. It was as delicious as it sounded!

The other snack we ordered was their Nachos with Braised Short Ribs as it’s obviously that we were in the mood for braised short ribs or something! It was excellent nachos and we got a full order of the corn nachos tortillas topped with a mixture of cheese, tomatoes, olives, peppers with creme fraiche, salsa and sour cream!

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed our visit here. It was the combination of good servers, great atmosphere and delicious food that makes me really like Brewsters chain! I have yet to have a bad experience with any Brewsters locations so I recommend it!

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Brewsters Brewing Company & Restaurant

3 Stonegate Dr NW Suite 2001
Airdrie, AB
(403) 945-2739