Forbidden City Dim Sum & Seafood

Dim sum at Forbidden City really is quite excellent. Sure, it costs more than almost all the places in Calgary, but it’s got really good quality dim sum in the city.

The service is alright, they do not use the old fashion steam carts that they push around anymore — probably for safety reasons. Here, they give you a form, and you mark own what you want, and they’ll bring you just that. It’s quite different than traditional dim sum, and the actual food is quite special as well.

Sometimes, I do miss the old fashion style, because.. even if you’re not hungry, and something looks or smells extra delicious, you’d get it. Now, you just eat what you ordered. I guess it’s good if you’re limiting yourself, but it doesn’t allow you to try new things that you wouldn’t have thought of while sitting down and marking your little sheet. Regardless, I really like it here! On weekends, be prepared to wait outside as the lines usually get quite long!

  • Forbidden City Fried Squid
  • Forbidden City Beef Balls
  • Forbidden City BBQ Pork bun
  • Forbidden City Tripe
  • Forbidden City Shrimp dumplings
  • Forbidden City Pork Dumpling
  • Forbidden City Beef
  • Forbidden City Spare Ribs
  • Forbidden City Rice Crepes

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Forbidden City Dim Sum & Seafood

999 36 St NE
Calgary, AB T2A
(403) 250-1848

Monday – Thursday 10AM – 10PM;
Friday 10AM – 11PM;
Saturday 9:30AM – 11PM;
Sunday 9:30AM – 10PM