Kiro Sushi – Calgary, Alberta

We decided to go to Kiro Sushi for lunch this one afternoon, and we’re happy we did. Just located off 130th Avenue in the southeast, it makes it pretty easy to find dining options, so it was nice that we came here.

I found that the interior quite interesting and it reminded me with the interior that was here before Kiro came!

We started with some Spicy Tuna Sashimi which was quite spicy and the tuna was pretty good and very well seasoned.

Then, we had a little plate of Assorted Sushi with salmon, surf clams and inari! The sushi was quite satisfying!

One thing we love eating most is udon, so we ordered a bowl of Beef Udon, and when it came, it was a large bowl of soup. The beef wasn’t too tender but the flavours of the broth was quite delicious.

Just when we thought we were full, and we were ready to leave – we totally forgot we ordered the Pineapple Express sushi roll, which turned out to be the best dish of the visit!

Overall, it’s a nice sushi place to eat! It’s a nice sit down sushi place that offers decent food!

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Kiro Sushi

4600 130 Ave SE
Calgary, AB
(403) 726-9132