Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill – Las Vegas, Nevada

We were in Las Vegas celebrating our wedding anniversary, and wanted something nice, but still quite reasonable in price. We heard lots about Mesa Grill from Bobby Flay’s show on Food Network (Throwdown with Bobby Flay) as they use this kitchen as a test kitchen sometimes (their test kitchen is the one in New York though). Regardless, we made reservations to be a guest a Mesa Grill.

We were a tad early, and was seated by the bar as we waited for our table. It wasn’t a long wait at all, before we got seated at our table. The atmosphere in Mesa grill was really quite cozy, yet it was high end, and a tad dark!

As we first got seated, the waiter immediately asked us for our drink orders and brought us a basket of bread, with wonderfully tasting bread – which I believe were: corn bread muffin, jalapeno bread, and a nut bread! I had a piece of each of the breads and my favorite would be the jalapeno bread!

For main, I tried the Ancho Chile-Honey Glazed Salmon which was a perfectly pan seared piece of salmon, topped with spicy black bean sauce & roasted Jalapeno Crema. The crust on the salmon was so good, even until the last bit, it was still a nice crisp! The ancho chile was full of flavor but was not over powering, it was a great balance of textures and flavors.

We also ordered Pan Roasted Venison which is served with Sweet Potato Tamale. The venison was really quite special and it is something most people don’t order by looking around! We really enjoyed both main entrees and have nothing but good to rave about.

For dessert, we enjoyed ourselves so much we thought we would stuff ourselves extra for this special occasion. We ordered both Churros which was deep fried long dough, dusted with Cinnamon Sugar & Star Anise with a Dark Chocolate Dipping Sauce. We also had Pineapple Upside-down Cake with a rum caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream on the top. Both desserts were really good, but I must admit, the Churros was much more memorable as it’s not as common of a dessert.

The price of the dinner is higher than your typical dinner, but was reasonable for where you are, and what you’re eating! Bobby Flay is after all a celebrity chef, which a Michelin Star earned in 2008!

Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill

Caesars Palace
3570 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV
(877) 346-4642