Pho Binh Minh – Calgary, Alberta

This one evening I was heading up closer to the North side of town when I wanted to stop for some pho. We decided we would meet up with some friends when they recommended Pho Binh Minh which was located at a strip plaza, so there was plenty of parking available.

We decided we would start with Gha Gio – Spring Rolls and they were really delicious! They’re hot and crispy with really flavourful filling. It was silly as there’s 4 of us, and we got 1 plate — not enough!

I ordered their regular noodles, Pho Tai – Medium Rare Beef Noodle Soup which was amazing! This was the bowl of pho that was recommended and I’m glad I took it! There’s nothing I can think of that I didn’t enjoy!

Originally, we were going to go to a place across the street for Pho Sate, but we ended up here – so we ordered a bowl anyway. It definitely wasn’t what we were expecting as it turned out to be a bowl of pho tai with hot sauce. It tasted fine, but it wasn’t really a nice satay soup.

Our experience here was pretty amazing, the spring rolls and the bowl of pho was almost as tasty as they come! The service was quick and they’re quite friendly even though they were packed!

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Pho Binh Minh

4710 17 Ave SE
Calgary, AB
(403) 235-2521