Pho Hoan Restaurant – Calgary, Alberta

I was looking for a good pho place in Calgary and one of my Vietnamese co-workers gave me a list to try. It just so happens that Pho Hoan was on this list and so we went in to try them. They are located right on 17th Ave, and although there are a few parking spots in front of the place, there’s really only 5 spots. We ended up parking on the side streets and walking to the restaurant.

Once we were seated, we were happy to hear that everyone inside spoke Vietnamese! We were pretty much the only foreigners in the restaurant! With us being as strange as we were, we decided to get an order of their Chicken Wings which was really quite delicous. They were fried really nicely and there was a large amount of meat on their chicken wings.

I told my coworker that I really liked Beef Ball Noodle Soup and he said he use to take his daughters here to eat their beef ball noodle soup – so that’s what I ordered. He was right, they were good! The balls had excellent taste and texture and the noodle and soup was actually very flavourful. This was one of the few places that had a good amount of beef balls as well!

We also had a bowl of their Carrot Beef Stew Noodle Soup and it was also quite delicious. The bowl of soup was large with tender and juicy beef stew, cooked to perfection.

Overall, we really liked our dining experience here! The food was awesome, the prices was good, the service wasn’t bad either!

Pho Hoan Restaurant

5020 17 Ave SE
Calgary, AB
(403) 235-2917